How To Quit Your Job in 180 Days or Less with James Wedmore

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It's now clearer than ever that MOST people want to quit their jobs. In fact, it's projected that by 2035, HALF of the US workforce will be freelancers.

Now the question is: how are those people going to transition out of their 9 to 5's and secondly how long should it take?

In this episode Jill interviews James Wedmore about this very topic and he breaks down a process for replacing your income in 180 days or less.

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Resources Mentioned

The Big 3!

  1. The faster you can jump ship the faster you can grow your business
  2. What is your freedom number?
  3. The 4 phases of value distribution

Episode Timestamps

  • 2:15 – Doing a business driven by fear does not work
  • 3:45 – The Information Marketing model
  • 5:38 – Social followers does not equal to business earnings
  • 7:00 – The freedom number to focus before jumping into business
  • 9:20 – The 4 stages of value distribution
  • 10:05 – The done-for-you service
  • 12:30 – The advantages of doing one-on-one coaching
  • 13:45 – The first phase of moving to something scaleable and getting leverage
  • 16:15 – Just get started and incrementally add on
  • 18:38 – The more time spent on your corporate job, the more it's costing your potential revenue in business
  • 22:30 – Finding what you love and to not ONLY focus on money
  • 23:35 – How to get out of fear and start taking actions

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