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If you've been following our journey over the last few months you've probably heard that after nearly 4 years, we are closing our membership community, Screw U. 


Since making that announcement one of the biggest questions we've received is “where do I go now?”. 

So in an effort to make the transition easy—and to ensure you're well taken care of—we've hand-picked 3 coaches we trust to our core and believe in their ability to help you get the results you crave!

Why only 3? 

Because we didn't want to overwhelm you!

I mean, sure, there are a gazillion other coaches you could work with, but we wanted to ease the overwhelm and highlight 3 key people we believe can help you transform into who you want to be. 

So without further adieu, allow us to introduce you to our top 3 coaches!

Heather Gray

Heather Gray, also known as our resident “Screw Shrink”, is a coach I (Jill) have personally worked with AND is a coach we hired to help our members inside Screw U for 18 straight months. 

She's got decades of clinical experience and is masterful at helping you get out of your own way so you can serve the audience you are meant to serve!

However, instead of me yammering on about her and her long list of talents and qualifications, I thought it would be best for her to explain which entrepreneurs she can best help!

I also reveal how she helped me throughout my journey and why I believe in her to my core. 

Interested in working with Heather? 

Book a FREE Introductory Call to see if you're the right fit to work with Heather!

Want a taste of what it's like to work with Heather? Listen to this!

Next up? 

Jadah Sellner

Jadah Sellner is the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies—a company she grew from scratch to 7 figures that was featured in O Magazine, The Doctors TV Show and The Wall Street Journal before exiting the company to strike out on her own!

She is a published author, a keynote speaker and a community growth and business strategist who helps female visionaries bridge their big picture vision with the right next baby steps! 

She's a dear friend and is one of my go-to girlfriends when I need clarity, feedback or a fresh perspective on a business block. 

Instead of me fan-girl'ing over her though, I'll let her explain how she helps women create the business and life they really want!

Apply here to work with Jadah inside her Love Over Metrics Incubator

Please note Jadah's coaching program is only open to women at the moment. Sorry, fellas! 

Tom and Ariana Sylvester

There's no way I could round out this list without bringing at least one dude into the mix!

Enter Tom Sylvester.

Tom and his wife, Ariana are serial entrepreneurs who balance 3 businesses, 2 kids and 1 hella-inspiring mission to help transform struggling side-hustlers into successful entrepreneurs. 

What we love about Tom and Ariana is that they are building an accessible-for-all membership community, called Lifestyle Builders!

And it's inside this community where they help entrepreneurs identify where they're at in their business and give them the direction, clarity and step-by-step guidance they need to take their businesses to the next level—all while making time for the people and things who matter most to them!

Instead of me breaking it down though, I'll let Tom explain how he can help you achieve your big audacious goals with ease. 

Book your FREE Discovery Call with Tom to see if you're the right fit for his 90 Day Coaching Experience!

Click here to see everything you get as a member of the Lifestyle Builders Community 

Have a question about which coach is the best fit for YOU? 

Email us at support(at)screwtheninetofive.com and ask us! We're here to help you make the best decision for yourself and your business!

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