Starting A Network Marketing Business & Why We Changed Our Opinion On MLM With Cayla Craft

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“Every master was once a disaster.” 

Let's be honest, when you hear the terms “direct sales” or “MLM”  – you're less than psyched.

I get it! I was that person too!

But fast forward to 2019.

Network Marketing has allowed for so many people in the world – and the online business community – to better themselves, and the lives of their loved ones simply by promoting the lifestyle, products, or services, that they are totally obsessed with.

Isn't that what #ScrewTheNineToFive is all about?!

In this week's episode, MLM millionaire extraordinaire Cayla Craft and I jam on all things related to starting a network marketing business. The do's and don'ts of a truly successful network marketing business, and how growing your community is the key to winning at the direct sales game.

Cayla will show you how to start a network marketing business the RIGHT way, so you don't waste time making unnecessary mistakes.

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Resources Mentioned

Key Takeaways

  1. What to expect when you join an MLM and how to keep your cool around it.
  2. What you should be feeling around the network marketing business you're thinking of joining before you join it.
  3. How wanting to talk about the direct sales business you are a part of can both help you, and hurt you.
  4. Why “the average person making money” is such a key element to being part of a sincerely successful MLM or online marketing business.
  5. How getting setup with a good network marketing company can really catapult you to the levels you truly desire in your personal brand.
  6. Why getting clear and in sync with what you truly want if absolutely critical to making millions.

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