Creating The Most Engaging Content You’ve Ever Created For Your Business with Brandon Lucero

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Brandon Lucero

The Course Creators Funnel

Turn your knowledge & experience into a profitable online course. Learn how our *BRAND NEW* program "The Course Creators Funnel" can help you get new students every day without any extra ongoing effort or work.

You plan out kick ass content, spend time creating it and as you release it…NOTHING…. Not-one engages with it, no shares, no traffic, no new customers. Makes you want to give up providing free content.

Brandon Lucero believes this is because people’s content strategy is wrong. We create stacks of ‘how to’ content and all this does is overwhelm our people and gets lost in the noise. The fix its a mix of messaging and intentional content which stands out.

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Resources Mentioned

The Big 3!

  1. Power of creating content 
  2. Difference between messaging and content 
  3. The 3 areas of content creation 

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The Course Creators Funnel

Grab the BRAND NEW 3-step sales strategy designed to help you get new students buying your online courses *EVERY DAY* without ongoing effort or work.
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