How To Get Articles Published In Major Outlets Like Entrepreneur And Fast Company With Nick Wolny
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How To Get Articles Published In Major Outlets Like Entrepreneur And Fast Company With Nick Wolny

Jill Stanton Posted October 5, 2020

Would having an article in a big outlet that was written by you give you credibility and clout? Do you KNOW that what you have to say is worthy of huge websites and can help hundreds of thousands of people, or more?

If you answered yes, consider pitching contributed articles and guest posts to grow your business.

Many solopreneurs can’t afford a publicist, but CAN create a killer piece of written content. If you can write an article that helps people, you can drum up valuable earned media via contributed articles.

When you land an earned media placement, you own it forever. And when you have credibility markers like earned media, it's a lot easier to raise your rates! I just sold a 1,200-word article for $1,500 because credibility markers like “I write for Business Insider” let me charge higher rates – and you can too!

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The Big 3!

  1. Find the best outlet to pitch
  2. Contact the right person 
  3. Create the perfect pitch

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