How To Design and Grow A Business You Love From Anywhere In The World with John Goodman
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John Goodman

How To Design and Grow A Business You Love From Anywhere In The World with Jonathan Goodman

Jill Stanton Posted October 19, 2020

Josh and I have run many businesses while living in different countries. But as the business started to grow, we started to believe we had to be in one place to grow and scale. This all changed when we had our son Kai, we want to have amazing experiences AND grow our business.

The good news is you can totally have both. We met Jonathan Goodman founder of Online Trainer Academy and we were blown away by how he has created a multimillion dollar business while travelling the world.

Think you can't have everything you've ever wanted? Adventure, travel, scale your business and be present for your family? Think again & listen to this episode!

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Resources Mentioned

The Big 3!

  1. Business & travel can work together 
  2. Design a lifestyle built for business
  3. Finding a purpose in pursuit to success

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