8 Course Creators, 1 Simple Sales Strategy
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8 Course Creators, 1 Simple Sales Strategy

Jill Stanton Posted March 16, 2021

Do ya ever wish that someone could just… lay it all out for ya? 

You know, this whole “sell your course” thing. Sure, you see the big names having epic success, but what about people who are in YOUR stage of business? 

Isn’t there someone who’s willing to spill the deets on what it ACTUALLY takes to create and launch a successful course when you don’t have hundreds of thousands to spend on ads or an entire team to support you?

Um… yes. 

We’ve interviewed 8 of them. And they’re spilling all of the deets on the simple sales strategy they used to take their course from idea to success. 

You’re welcome 😉 

Listen… we’re here telling you advice all the time. But we’re not dense — we know that sometimes, you don’t want to listen to us

(Our feelings are only kinda hurt, we promise.) 

Sometimes, you want to hear from people who are in your exact stage of business. We get it… we’ve been there, too. 

So on this week’s episode, we’re chatting with eight of our accelerator students who have used ONE simple sales strategy to explode their course sales. 

You’re going to love what they’ve got to say. 

Gems we mentioned today:

The Big 3!

  1. Give value
  2. Build relationships
  3. Virtual Launch Accelerator

Nuggets you don’t want to miss:

Click on any of the timestamps below to listen in to that section of the episode:


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