Feel Like Giving Up? Listen To This Before You Do

Feel Like Giving Up? Listen To This Before You Do

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Jill Stanton

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So here’s the deal: at some point in your business (probs more than once), you’re going to feel like giving up. (Trust us…it’s just the way it goes.)


You find yourself thinking, “F this — this BLOWS. Why the hell did I quit my job for THIS?


The thing is, feeling like that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel and go back to working for Kevin, whose passion and vision lies in middle management.


It just means you’re bucking up against hard times. 


But that isn’t an excuse to bail on what you really, really want.


So how do you push back the urge to go back to what you think will be easier (and spoiler alert: it won’t be) and keep on truckin’?


That’s just what we’re diving into on this episode (so it’s a good thing you showed up)!


So you know the drill. You’re building a business and you hit that wall where things just feel freakin’ hard. You start thinking about how this isn’t what you dreamed of and the next thing you know, that little voice starts up…


Having a guaranteed paycheck would be so much easier.


It would be so nice to just check out when the day is done.


The thing is, that’s total crap. And deep down, you know it’s crap. 


But in that moment, it feels like it would be super easy to just go back to where you were.


The reality is that both options have their struggles, but at least in YOUR business, you are working toward freedom. And if that job was so friggin’ awesome, then why the hell did you leave in the first place? 


(Answer: because it wasn’t awesome. It SUCKED.)


So in order to avoid making a huge mistake and losing all the momentum you’ve gained, and losing a big chunk of time backtracking, how about you just don’t…you know, give up?


There are two big things you can do to help keep yourself on the right path, my friend.




  • What it would really look like to be back in the 9-to-5
  • What you’ll get by staying on your right path

First step, really think about what it would look like to set an alarm, be expected at your desk at a certain time, working for someone else on their schedule and their agenda. Instead of just doing what you need to do in your life (like picking up your kid from daycare), you’ve got to…gulp…ask permission.




See what we mean? 


Now imagine what you can have when you build your own wealth in your business. Imagine having ultimate freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, from wherever you want and for how long you want.


Like, really see and feel it. 


How amazing would that be?


We can tell you from experience, it’s fucking awesome.


The only hitch is you’ve got to keep going, friend.


So don’t make one of the biggest mistakes you will regret the most and let a weak moment ruin the good thing you’ve been working your ASS off for, okay?


Tune in to get the full deets from our pep talk, then let us snap a pic, post it to your IG stories and tag us so we can help cheer you on. 


Don’t forget to share it with a friend you know needs to hear this!


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Gems we mentioned today:

The Big 3!

  1. Find your purpose
  2. Create freedom
  3. Live your dreams

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