Bigger Launches, Less Stress with Tasha Booth
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Bigger Launches, Less Stress with Tasha Booth

Jill Stanton Posted April 12, 2021

So let’s be honest: you’d love to take things up a notch with your launches, right? But the idea of going even bigger can trigger a whole lot of stress. Totally get that.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have the right mindset, the right systems, and a great plan in place, it can actually be easier than you think.

Add in someone who has killer experience and really knows what she’s doing and you can have one of your biggest launches yet.

Just ask my friend, Tasha Booth.

Tasha is a total badass. She’s a 5-time Spartan racer, host of the How She Did That Podcast, toured internationally with Hairspray, and is a former Screw U member. Tasha started out as a solopreneur blogger and virtual assistant but now has her own high-level support agency, The Launch Guild. 

Tasha is making moves to have her first million dollar year in 2021 by helping everyone from coaches and course creators to yoga instructors and lawyers kick their already-successful businesses up a notch.

She came on the podcast to chat about how entrepreneurs like you can have bigger launches with less stress, so you can kick ass on your next launch (with less stress), too.

So what do ya say? You ready to crush your next launch? I thought so. Grab a notebook, pop in some earbuds, and enjoy!

Gems we mentioned today:

The Big 3!

  1. The 3 most common reasons people struggle in their launches

  2. The most clutch systems top launchers have in place when it comes to launching

  3. The one thing that changed the game for us (that many people won’t dare to do!)

Nuggets you don’t want to miss:

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