3 Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Trying To Be Anti-Racist
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3 Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Trying To Be Anti-Racist with Trudi Lebron

Jill Stanton Posted April 26, 2021

When the conversation around systemic racism came to the forefront in 2020 a lot of entrepreneurs started scrambling trying to figure out how to navigate this new level of awareness…myself included. 

I remember having my eyes opened in a whole new way and realizing how blind I had been to just how prevalent systemic racism had been (hell, still IS) in our society. And during that time I also found myself feeling nervous to speak up because I didn’t want to “get it wrong”. 

Can you relate to that? 

If you still find yourself in this mode of trying to educate yourself on how systemic racism and inequity is baked into our modern world (just like I am) then today’s guest is going to serve as a giant beacon of wisdom. 

Trudi Lebron has been serving the social justice space for years and has been a vocal advocate helping entrepreneurs create anti-racist businesses, and today she’s on the show to shine a light on 3 common marketing mistakes so many entrepreneurs make when trying to be anti-racist. 

This conversation is an eye-opener and delivers specific and tactical strategies you can incorporate into your business as you evolve into a more conscious, just and compassionate entrepreneur. 

Want to know what those 3 mistakes are? Hit play and let’s dive into this powerful conversation.

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The Big 3!

  1. Questions to ask yourself to start uncovering your racial biases

  2. What to do if a team member or contractor inadvertently creates controversy when navigating conversations around race, equity and inclusion 

  3. How to show up and serve your community and customers equitably and with compassion 

Nuggets you don’t want to miss:

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