Free 5-Day Challenge Reveals

How To Think Like An


Hosted by Jill & Josh Stanton
featuring special guest, Amy Porterfield

Free 5-Day Challenge Reveals

How To Think Like An


Hosted by Jill & Josh Stanton
featuring special guest, Amy Porterfield

This 5 Day Challenge Is For You If You Are:

  • An online course creator, coach, consultant, speaker or any kind of influencer
  • Feeling like an "imposter" in your own business
  • Fully aware that you CAN help a lot of people, but can't get our of your own way!
  • Trying to sell an online course or coaching services but nobody is buying
  • Struggling to break out of your blue-collar beliefs
  • Dedicated to leaving this unknown + underpaid chapter of your life behind
  • Hell-bent on stepping into the omfg-I-can’t-believe-this-is-my-life version of yourself
  • Excited AF to effortlessly attract your dream customers
  • Eager to adopt the mindset of an EXPERT!
  • Ready to sashay your way into a happier, more confident, freer, wealthier version of yourself

If you’re all “shut up and give me the link to sign up” then scroll down + click that big blue button + brace yourself for a transformational 5 days!

JUST ADDED: Ohhhh snap! One lucky participant will win $1,000 cash prize just for participating in the challenge!

This Challenge Starts September 8th!


Here’s How This Challenge Works:

Spoiler alert: Signing up for and participating in this challenge is stupid-easy!

All you have to do is hit that big, sexy blue button above (or below) and follow the steps on Facebook Messenger to get started.

“Why are we using Facebook Messenger?”

The challenge will be run inside a private Facebook group and so it makes sense to let you know in Facebook when each new challenge video gets released every day.

We'll also send you out email reminders just in case.

On Saturday, September 7th you’ll receive a message that will explain how to participate in the challenge so you can maximize your experience + win the $1,000 cash prize.

*throws money in the air*

One we start the challenge, each day for 5 days we'll reveal a new powerful exercise you will complete designed to help you make the mindset shifts necessary to becoming an expert.

So? Are you ready to go from why-does-this-work-for-everyone-but-me thinking to a holy-SHIFT-it-feels-good-to-be-a-gangster mindset? 

If you’re silently screaming “HELL YES” in your head, then hit that button and let us help you think like an expert!

Meet Your Hosts

What’s up! We’re Jill and Josh Stanton!

We’ve been building businesses together since 2012 and have grown (and sold) brands in the skincare, beauty and health space and are hell-bent on helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground and profitable AF. 

If you’re ready to feel happier, more confident and relish in the life you’re creating for yourself then hit that button below and let us help you think like an expert!

With Special Guest

That's right!

Amy…freakin'…Porterfield is in the house!

The Beyonce of digital courses and online marketing will be making a rare appearance in this free 5 day challenge.

She'll be bringing the heat and sharing the lessons she has learned on her journey to becoming one of the go-to experts in the online marketing space!

Ready To Move from Imposter Syndrome to
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