Jill Stanton

The other (cheekier) half of Screw The Nine To Five + a diehard traveler with our little guy Kai.

3 Tools We Used To Make $30k

Delegation is the name of the vacation game. Too often we see business owners overlook how game changing delegation can be. Your team should be able to run the business without you “on” every moment of the day. And if you don’t have a team, this week we’re throwing down some major tips to make sure you get the break you deserve. 

How To Get Publicity When No One Knows Your Name with Selena Soo

When it comes to getting publicity for your biz, does the process feel TOTALLY overwhelming You know what I mean, right? Those thoughts of “where do I even start?” “Where do I go?” “How do I get these big-deal media outlets to find out about me?” Sound familiar? Attention is THE currency online. And one …

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How To Use Instagram Stories to Sell the Hell Out Of Your Stuff with Angie Lee

Can you believe there are about 40 million users viewing Instagram Stories daily? Always on the lookout for how to up your social media game, we know that figuring out how to use Insta Stories for your brand is going to be crucial. Have a listen to this week’s episode to figure out how to make a Story strategy become the thing that rocks your engagement in 2019.