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Bambee Review For 2020: Features, Pricing & Competitors

Bambee review

There’s so much focus on engaging your customers, and making sure you’re serving them to the best of your ability. But making sure you have engaged employees, who are invested in you and in your business is just as important. 

In order to make sure your employees are engaged, performing at their best and are having their needs met, businesses need to utilize Human Resources. This could be HR software or hiring an HR assistant or manager. From hiring to firing and everything in between there's quite a lot of HR related tasks which are required in every business who employs staff. Don’t forget the potential legal implications of getting this stuff wrong!

HR software can track the lifecycle of your employees, improve their productivity and help them stay invested in your brand.  

In the US hiring a full-time HR Manager would cost around $6,000/mo or an outside consulting firm part-time would be around $200-$300/hr. For most small businesses this isn't in their budget. This has resulted in less than 5% of small firms having a full time HR Manager.

As small businesses in America employ approximately 70% of the workforce (and only a tiny % of these will have an HR manager). This means more than 30,000,000 employees haven’t got regular, consistent access to an objective Human Resource professional in their working life.

Bambee aims to be the solution. Providing access to experienced, objective and well trained Human Resources professionals to all sizes  and stage of business. In this Bambee review we’re going to dive into the pros, cons, features and exactly what you can expect from Bambee when you sign up.

Review of: Bambee

Purpose: HR Tools

Value for Money


Affordable monthly rates for a comprehensive HR solution. Services which distinguish them from the competition.



Great customer service team who work on a ticketing system, based on US working hours. Not 24/7, phone or chat based.

Ease of Use


Very easy to use, training and support available too.



An effective way to have HR support in your business without having to hire a full time professional.

We Like

We Don't Like

What Is Bambee?

Bambee is a Human Resource (HR) software created for businesses of all sizes, to establish HR policy, maintain compliance, manage onboarding and terminations, and more. They offer full remote HR support via phone, email, or chat. 

Bambee is used in all 50 states and in over 20+ different industries.

Is Bambee Right For Me?

Bambee is suitable for many different industries. They have experience of working in different industries to make businesses compliant with the relevant labor laws, other labor federal and state regulations.

They're especially suited to small and medium businesses with fewer than 1000 employees, who want to move away from DIYing their HR. 

Having said that they do have some high profile customers;  Fantastic Sams, Comfort Inn and Domino’s, for example.

Bambee Review: Features

  • Unlimited direct chat with your HR manager
  • Create, implement, and manage company policy
  • Smart cabinet for record keeping
  • Federal & state laws mandate that certain company files be held for a certain period of time
  • Staff folders for compliance and organization
  • Bambee maintains and verifies compliance.
  • E-signatures for important documents
  • Business owners and their employees can contact their HR manager during their business hours either by phone, email or direct chat.

Bambee Features: The Breakdown

Company’s who join Bambee get:

  • A Bambee Certified, experienced HR Manager for a fee of $99  per month. There are $0 in hidden fees and no long term contracts.
  • Your business will be assigned a dedicated Human Resources Manager (based on company size, location, industry & culture).
  • She / or He will audit your company processes and structures. Then they will ensure federal, state and local compliance.
  • Your HR Manager will then customize, create, implement & manage HR policy specific to your business and according to your company culture. This can include handling employee communication, obtaining signatures & storing all documents.

Access is unlimited

Communication between Bambee HR Managers and the business owners is unlimited.

There are 3 ways for Business owners to engage with their HR manager: 

  • Real time chat in the application, 
  • Direct phone calls  
  • Email

Facilitate sensitive discussions

The Bambee HR Manager and Bambee platform help facilitate sensitive discussions with employees. They act as the professional, objective sounding-board for business owners and their teams.

Agreements & Government services 

Bambee HR Managers will create HR documents for your business. Such as Employee Handbooks, 1099 only Employer Document Bundles, Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements and more.

Government correspondence

Bambee HR Managers will deal with certain government correspondence. Responding to Unemployment notices, Compensation claims and / or Department of Labor claims. Bambee will craft these responses.

Access to our platform 

Allows the HR Manager, business owner and their staff to collaborate on important HR actions, such as employee performance.

Employee Voices 

A chat service for employees to interact with HR manager.

Bambee vs Competitors

Bambee vs Bamboo

BambooHR is a comprehensive cloud-based software created to deal with a wide variety of HR processes. This platform provides you with an end-to-end system for the entire employee lifecycle. 

It offers personnel data modules, performance monitoring, and robust reporting. BambooHR integrates with more than 20 business systems.

It’s an all-in-one tool that covers almost all aspects of HR. The software is also highly customizable and scalable. Their Advantage plan is $8.95 per user per month, so based on 4 staff members it is significantly cheaper than  Bambee at $99 for 1-4 staff members.

Bambee vs Gusto

Gusto HR is a popular choice. It incorporates HR, payroll, and benefits management into a highly intuitive user interface. It consolidates employee records for transparent and streamlined HR management. It offers fully automating payroll for human error-free calculations, and modernizes benefit admin. Great mobile app.

Great payroll capabilities. Offers basic functionalities for employee retention, performance management, and onboarding. Bambee is more of a complete HR package, but if you need something which focuses on payroll Gusto is a  great option.

Bambee Review: Pricing

New Business 1-4 Employees $99/month

Plus one-time Bambee in-depth HR Audit for: $500

Small Business 5-19 Employees $199/month

Plus one-time Bambee in-depth HR Audit for: $500

Growing Business 20-49 Employees $299/month

Plus one-time Bambee in-depth HR Audit for: $1000

Large Business 50-99 Employees $749/month

Plus one-time Bambee in-depth HR Audit for: $2000

Bambee Customer Reviews

‘As a small business, Bambee was exactly what we needed for HR. Affordable, professional, and friendly! We absolutely recommend them’. Bryan Kelly, Owner & Vice President, HOODZ Cleaning Services of Houston

“Bambee, Where have you been all my life! All those sleepless nights researching laws and compliance rules. All those times I questioned if I was doing the right thing. You have taken my hand and given me confidence that I'm doing the right thing by my team and it's taken a load of stress away!” – Emily

“For the price, they over deliver.” Alex Branzburg Director of Strategic Accounts, LeaseLock

Frequently Asked Questions About Bambee

What is Bambee?

Bambee is the first HR compliance and employee termination solution for small businesses. Bambee is a full service outsourced HR team. 

How does Bambee work?

Bambee believes that every business owner should have access to real human resources and compliance support at a reasonable price. 

When you join Bambee, you’ll tell them a little about your business. So you can stay compliant with state and federal regulations.

You’ll then be matched with your Bambee HR Manager. They will identify any problem points, and give your business the Bambee Prescription. You’ll receive a call from one of the HR experts, who’ll review your information and create a customized plan for bringing your business up to scratch. 

They’ll solve pressing issues first, then take measures to ensure you’re protected against any potential risks.

Take any HR concerns or issues to Bambee. 

Can Bambee help me terminate employees?

Yes it will. Bambee will navigate all high risk HR and termination situations for your business, and coach you throughout the entire process. Making sure you have all the correct documents, staying compliant with HR policies, so you don’t make mistakes that result in expensive lawsuits.

How much does Bambee cost?

Bambee is month to month membership starting at $99 per month that you can cancel anytime.

Can Bambee help my business comply with labor laws?

Yes. They make Department of Labor regulations easy to understand, and make sure your business is compliant on both the federal and state level.

Bambee Review Summary: Is Bambee Worth It?

Bambee’s company  goals is to bring down internal operating costs by focusing on minimizing work redundancy, thus passing the savings in reduced cost down to the consumer. 

They wish to focus on small companies where their robust product will cost less than your cell phone bill.

They have taken Fortune 500 HR best practices and distilled them into their low cost, yet extremely powerful service. 

For a complete end to end HR support for small business Bambee is a great solution. When compared to hiring a full-time HR manager or considering the risk not managing an HR related issue well, Bambee becomes a no-brainer.

If you have small companies or a startup with under 150 employees you can try Bambee completely free (no credit card required). We hope this Bambee review has opened up the world of HR to you and maybe it’s time to support your business with HR management.

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