Become More Efficient: How to Work Less and Get More Done with Dave Ruel

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Dave Ruel


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It's what we all want, isn't it?

To work less in our business, yet make more than we ever have?

I mean, that pretty much sounds like “the dream”, doesn't it?

But how do you actually do it?

Like, how can you go from over-worked in the trenches to a leader who has more time, mental whitespace and money in their business…without losing your mind in the process?

That's exactly what our buddy Dave Ruel is jamming on with Josh in today's episode.

Because it IS possible and in this episode we're going to be diving deep into the principles of efficiency and creating more space so you can breathe easier and actually enjoy this business you've built. *happy sigh*

Wanna know how the eff to do that?

You know what to do…

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • {4:00} The 411 on Dave and what him and his business are all about
  • {10:00} What the eff is “Effic” and how can it help your business
  • {11:30} The difference between being efficient vs productive
  • {15:35} The culture of “hustle” and how it can be detrimental for entrepreneurs 
  • {19:20} Transitioning from a solopreneur to a leader who runs a team
  • {24:00} The power of a “self-driving business” and how to create one
  • {28:20} The 3 things that create a fulfilled entrepreneur
  • {35:30} One thing you can start doing right now to find more fulfillment in your business
  • {37:20} How to start giving up control in your business to increase overall efficiency

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: