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The Best Customer Engagement Software For 2020 Compared Side-By-Side

Best customer engagement software
With all the noise and competition online, it’s more important than ever to create meaningful interactions with our customers.

These interactions will inspire your customers to take action, to tell their friends about you, to share your content, react to it and also (fingers crossed!) buy from you.

Customer engagement software helps businesses create long-term relationships with customers by gaining their trust and loyalty. Through these tools businesses can learn more about their consumers, which in turn helps them develop even smarter marketing strategies.

The more customers feel as if they’re receiving personalized connections, the stronger the relationships will be. 

These specialized tools help business communicate with customers in a direct way at scale.

The tools which can fall under the umbrella of ‘customer engagement’ software are quite disparate. What ties them together is they help to shape interactions based on a customer’s individual preferences, behaviors and feelings.

Today we want to share some of the best customer engagement  tools. These are not ranked in the usual sense, as they are not directly comparable. They are listed in no particular order.

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Looking for a tool to take your client relationships to the next level? 

Here's the truth. There are so many new and innovative tools out there. We wanted to share our pick of some great tools to help you deepen your connection to your audience.

After thorough research and careful testing, this is our list of the best customer engagement software/tools out there right now.

Best Customer Engagement Software For 2020






Lead generate, up-sell, re-market, and grow with their innovative suite of postcard marketing tools.

FREE: 99c /card/ No monthly fee/Postage included/ $1.59 for 6×9/ 10 FREE 4×6 cards

WHOLESALE: 49c /card, $49 monthly fee, Postage included, 89c for 6×9, 100 FREE 4×6 cards (once at signup)

INTERNATIONAL: $1.19 /card, $1.19/card on wholesale, $1.99/card on free, Postage include, Send to any country, *Only 4×6 available.

best customer engagement software

Boost customer engagement with perfectly timed personal videos.

Free: $0 50 videos per month, Bonjoro branding, 1 custom workflow

Basic: $15 per user. 50 videos per month, Custom branding, 1 custom workflow, 1 message template, All standard features

Pro: $39 per user. Unlimited videos, Custom branding, 3 custom workflows, 3 message templates, Campaigns, All Standard features, All Pro features

Grrrowth: $79 first user, $20 per additional user. Unlimited videos, Custom branding, 10 custom workflows, 10 message templates, Campaigns, Roll-ups, Remove Bonjoro badge, All Standard features, All Pro & Growth features

Easy to use all-in-one software for live chat, email marketing automation, forms, knowledge base, and more for a complete 360° view of your contacts.

Free Forever: $0/mo. Up to 1000 contacts & 1 seat included. For personal websites and anyone who wants a basic chat to communicate with visitors.

Professional: from $33.99/mo. For companies looking for a full-featured solution to communicate with customers.

Free online survey tools & market research software – turn boring feedback surveys into engaging conversations.

Free: 100 Responses/m, 10 Questions Per Survey, Embedded Survey, Advanced Reports Filters, 1500+ App Integrations With Zapier

Basic: $19/month. Unlimited Questions, 1000 Responses, Display Logic, Scoring, Share via Email, Social, Web URL, Widget, QR Code.

Premium: £49/month. Basic features +, 10,000 Responses, Display & Skip Logic, Recurring Surveys, Reminder Emails, Accept Payments, Schedule Reports

Business: $149/month. Premium features +, White-Labeling, Salesforce Integration, Hubspot Integration, 100K Emails, 2 Offline Devices, 2 Users.

Enterprise: $349/month. Business features+, NPS® Workflows, NPS® Trends & Dashboard, NPS® Sentiment Analysis, NPS® Word Cloud, 5 Offline Devices, 5 Users.

The multichannel sales engagement platform which automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks, while Sales can focus on closing deals.

All  plans: Send & monitor 3 email addresses, Unlimited follow-ups, Email copy A\B testing, AI features: Email Sorting & Email Quality Check, All features included

$70/month ( $55/m annually) Contact 1000 people per month

$90/month ( $70/m  annually). Contact 3000 people per month

$120/month ( $90/m  annually). Contact 30 000 people per month

Easily personalize your website for every visitor.  Relevant, personalized experiences are proven to increase conversions. Proof makes it easy. Let's make the internet delightfully human.

Experience: Personalize your existing site without coding. Experience's website editor allows you to easily adapt your site to build relevant, personalized experiences while staying on-brand.

Pulse: Add social proof to boost your conversions and credibility.

Experience:   Dependent on subscribers. From $399 a  month to $1599 a month. 

Pulse: Dependent on subscribers. From $29 month ($24/m paid annually) to $299 month ($249/m paid annually).

Boost your marketing with highly interactive content

Freelancer – (quiz only) $22/m ($14/m paid annually)

Freelancer – (Quiz, Calc, Ecom) $45/m ($25/m paid annually)

Essentials – (All features) $115/m ($95/m paid annually)

Business – (All features) $720/m ($600/m paid annually)

Generate more leads by seeing who visits your website. Only 2% of visitors leave their contacts details. Shine a light on the other 98%.

Lite: $0/month. Always free. A basic version of Leadfeeder with limited features that shows the last 7 days worth of leads only.

Premium: $55/month. All features. Start with a Premium trial and if you do nothing you will be downgraded to Lite after 2 weeks.

JivoChat is an all-in-one business messenger that teams use to talk to customers everywhere: live chat, phone, email, and social.

Basic: forever-free, Basic for free for your first 5 agents. Unlimited chats & websites, Customizable chat in 20 languages, Desktop, mobile & browser agent apps, 24/7 customer support, 2 month chat history storage

Pro: $11/month when billed annually. Proactively start chats using Smart Triggers, Complete visitor info with IP addresses, region & visit source, Canned responses with an automatic helper, Chat transfer between agents, Monitor website visitors in real-time

Hello Bar is a lead generation tool built by online marketers for online marketers. It will help you collect more emails & get more sales.

Starter: Free forever. 5,000 views/mo, Max 10 popups, Basic design/integrations, 1 A/B test.

Growth: $29/m ($289 paid annually) 50k  views, Unlimited popups, A/B tests, and advanced integrations. 

Elite: $99/m ($999 paid annually) 500k  views, Unlimited popups, A/B tests, and premium integrations.

Interact is a tool for creating online quizzes, polls, giveaways that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website.

14 day free trial

Free: $0 free forever. (can’t collect emails)

Lite: $29/m ($17/m paid annually) Up to 5,000 per month

Growth: $89/m ($53/m paid annually) Up to 10,000 per month

Pro: $209/m ($125/m paid annually) Unlimited emails collected per month

Featured software - Why we love Interact

All of these tools are great and could really help you connect on a deeper level with your audience, in order to serve them better. As these tools are diverse in nature we can’t place on over another. Whether you choose  one over another will be dependent on your specific business and what you hope to achieve.  

We wanted to highlight one of the tools, which we believe has a pretty universal appeal, Interact. Quizzes are big. The majority of Buzzfeed's most popular posts are quizzes. People love them; it’s as if they can’t resist filling them in (even the silly ones!). Let's face it, who doesn't want to know which breed of dog they're most like?!... (I got Labrador by the way!)

Most online business owners could use quizzes to help serve their audience AND build their email list at the same time. 

Interacts key features;

We’ve seen many entrepreneurs use quizzes and in particular use Interact to build them. We highly recommend it. Why not sign up for a 14 day free trial and take it for a spin.

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