The Best Email Service Providers for 2020 - compared side by side


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The Best Email Service Providers For 2020 Compared Side-By-Side

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One thing most online marketing experts agree on is the need to build an email list. It's crucial to have a way to communicate and build rapport with your audience, that isn’t at the mercy of social media algorithms. There are SO MANY email Service Providers, how do you know which is the right fit for your business? As of 2020, these are the best Email Service Providers you have to choose from, compared side-by-side.

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Looking for the best Email Service Providers?

Choosing an Email Service Provider is a pretty big decision. You don’t want to go to the trouble of setting everything up, only to have to move to a different service, because the one you picked isn’t up to the job. 

That's why we wanted to put together a list of the best Email Service Providers based on many different factors including:

  • Is there a free tier?
  • How significantly does the cost scale after this?
  • Do they have good support?
  • The features

And lots more!

After thorough research and careful testing, this is our list of the best email service providers for 2020.

Best Email Service Providers For 2020


Email service

Overall rating





Email Service Providers

$29/m (up to 1k subs)
$49/m (1-3k subs)
$79/m (3-5k subs)



$15/m (up to 500 subs)
$49/m (up to 2.5k subs)
$89/m (up to 5k subs)/m



$11-$37/m (up to 1k subs)
$35-$59/m (up to 5k subs)
$45-$79/m (up to 10k subs)



$20-$45/m (up to 500 subs)
$45-$70/m (501-2500 subs)
$65-$95/m (2501-5k subs)



$49 (up to 500 subs)
$122 (up to 3k subs)
$184 (up to 5.5k subs)

What Makes ConvertKit The Best Email Service Provider?

Best Email Service Providers

No matter which email service provider you choose from the list above, I'm sure you'll be happy.

ConvertKit was created by a Blogger for Bloggers. If you identify as a content creator, creative entrepreneur or a small business owner then you might find the perfect match in ConvertKit

With ConvertKit you have the opportunity to construct complex email automation funnels. You can tag subscribers based on their actions and behaviors. As well as segmenting your list to ensure you send relevant information to the right people. 

Their chat and email support is great and they even have a supportive Facebook group, where you can get tips, share your own advice and learn to use ConvertKit more effectively. 

There were 3 main benefits to using ConvertKit over the other email marketing tools:

For these reasons we now use ConvertKit exclusively.

Which email marketing platform do you use?