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Bonjoro Review For 2020: Features, Pricing & Competitors

Bonjoro Review

Do you take your customers for granted? No? O.k, but do they feel valued? Do they feel connected to you and appreciated? As business owners we're constantly striving to reach more people. To get more customers. But we don’t always work as hard to keep the customers we already have. Deepening these relationships, so they turn into repeat customers and become advocates of our brand.

Most business owners utilize email marketing and while email is still alive and kicking; it might not be as effective as it once was.

How do you connect in a personalized way, without it becoming too labor intensive? Bonjoro is an amazing tool that helps you connect with your customers with ease. We’re going to share all the info about this tool; pros, cons, pricing and features. By the end of this Bonjoro review you’ll know if it’s the tool for you.

Value for Money


14 day free trial. Free & paid options $25-$45. Free plan has some limitations, but you might find it has all you need.



They offer support via chat, email and help documentation.

Ease of Use


Bonjoro is quick to get to grips with & start using in your business.



A wonderfully effective tool, which offers plenty of features, even on the free plan

We Like

We Don't Like

What Is Bonjoro?

Bonjoro is a tool business owners can use to send personalized videos to their customers or anyone on their email list. This messaging can enhance the customer on boarding process, resulting in an estimated four times increase in response rate compared to email. How awesome is that?!

It allows you to connect with your audience in a genuinely personalized way, which leaves them feeling appreciated and valued. In turn this can lead to higher conversions. 

A ‘Bonjoro’ is the personalized video message and each has a call to action and a button directing the recipient to your chosen URL. It helps you create a brilliant first impression with new clients, and can also help you reignite relationships too.

To stand out from the crowd you need to take the time to zig when everyone else is zagging. Bonjoro helps you zig.

Bonjoro Review: Features

The main features include:

  • Sending videos to connect with your customers in less than 30 seconds
  • Add a ‘call to action’ on the video (e.g Click below to join my Facebook community)
  • Simple integration with your email platform 
  • Integration with your CRM (on the paid version only)
  • Bonjoro works on both iPhone and Android seamlessly. It’s also easy to install.

Bonjoro Features: The Breakdown


Bonjoro lets you send personal videos quickly and easily from right from your desk. It really is that easy.

Mobile app

You can also use the app, so you can keep connecting even when you’re out and about. Integrates with gmail and phone contacts in a flash.


Bonjoro translates your video emails and landing pages into over 20 languages. You can even request new languages in less than 24 hrs.

CRM integrations

It integrates with your existing sales & marketing tools to create simple workflows. Customers can be pulled into your Bonjoro app via CRM trigger events and tags.

CSV data uploads

Upload your customer list via CSV quickly and easily.

Zapier connectivity

Bonjoro integrates seamlessly with over 1500 other web apps via Zapier.


Recipients can interact and reply to your video messages, which allows you to deepen relationships. 

Message templates

Save time sending with templates for your Bonjoro videos. Each template links together your email design, video landing page, and call-to-action.

Call to actions

Add call-to-actions to your Bonjoro videos to encourage recipients to sign up, purchase, join the Facebook group, etc., 

Customer context & insight

You can see the customer’s information when you record, so you can make your videos genuinely personal.


You can send one Bonjoro video to a small group of people. Bulk-select the contacts you want to “roll-up”, then send the video to them all.

Custom branding

Add your own logo, team information, landing page, footers and subject lines for a cohesive brand experience.

Resend workflows

Resend unwatched messages. You can choose how many days you'll wait between re-sends and you can even send a plain text message instead.


Bonjoros boasts great deliverability. 

Animated Previews

Your Bonjoro messages can be sent as HTML emails or plain text. You can also use a static or animated preview of the video.

Rich reporting

Bonjoro’s simple results dashboard shows you what’s working and what could be improved. You can filter by dates, interactions or specific team members.

Results syncing

Customer interactions and replies can be sent back into your CRM, so you’re able to track their complete customer journey.

Video tracking

Get notified when someone opens and interacts with your video. Real-time tracking of views, opens, watches, replies and thanks.

Team inboxes

Set up team inboxes to manage your Bonjoro campaigns collaboratively with multiple team members.


Automatically assign different team members to record certain messages. 

Admin or filmer accounts

It’s possible to give access to all features of Bonjoro to team members, or to restrict team members to filmer-only accounts

Bonjoro Vs Competitors

Bonjoro vs Vidyard

Vidyard have a range of products. The product comparable to Bonjoro is GoVideo. With their standard plan starting at the equivalent of $80 per month, some $55 above Bonjoro's comparable plan. It's probably too expensive for most small business and startups to seriously consider. 

Vidyard's main product is video hosting. So GoVideo will probably remain a lightweight option to complement their main focus. They don’t specialize in personalized videos or sending videos via email, as Bonjoro does. 

Bonjoro vs Dubb 

Dubb is super-focused on videos for sales. The platforms do share many similarities. Dubb uses hyper-focused features and functionality designed to meet customers where they're more likely to convert. It’s also 32%-60% cheaper than Bonjoro. 

Bonjoro’s prices are based on usage, company size, and feature set, offering a monthly fee. This ranges from $25-45 per month per user. 

Whereas, Dubb has only one plan for individuals, the “Small Business” plan is $40 per month or $384 per year. Dubb is a strong challenger to Bonjoro, but it might come down to personal preference. I would take both of them for a trial and see which floats your boat. 

If you want a cheeky 10% discount off Dubb use code EaCevQ and click here!

Bonjoro Review: Pricing

Bonjoro offer a free 14 day unlimited trial.

Free Plan – $0 per month

Basics Plan – $15 per month

  • For solo users wanting custom branding & templates
  • 50 videos a month
  • Custom branding
  • 1 custom workflow
  • 1 message template

Pro Plan – $39 per month

  • For individuals & teams running multiple campaigns. 
  • Unlimited videos
  • Custom branding
  • 3 custom workflows
  • 3 message templates
  • Campaigns 

Grrrowth Plan – $79 per month

  • Unlimited videos
  • Custom branding
  • 10 custom workflows
  • 10 message templates
  • Campaigns

15% discount annual payment

Bonjoro Review: Testimonials

“Wow! More than 80% of my customers replied to my Bonjoros saying how impressed they were, and that they knew they’d spent their money in the right place” Pat Flynn, entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster

“Over half of the users that receive a Bonjoro invest in our projects.” Parham Zamani – Investor Relations @Brickshare

“The #1 effect Bonjoro has had is converting leads who are not talking to us, to leads that ARE talking to us.” Patrick Barnes, Advocately

“My refund requests went from 3.2% to 1.7% after I started sending onboarding Bonjoros” Jacques Hopkins, Piano In 21 Days

“In the space of 3 months we were able to reduce our churn by 12%” Jessica Ruhfus, Collabosaurus

“We're seeing better connections, better relationships, higher LTV and happier clients.” John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneurs on Fire

“We’ve massively increased new member sign-ups to our premium SaaS platform” Mark Asquith – Podcast Websites

“Bonjoro has helped us become number 1 on Trustpilot in of our categories” Andreas Lodahl, Munkstore

“If you can compare email metrics to Bonjoro’s, Bonjoro’s knock email out of the park. Open rates around 70%, click through rates around 30%, you can’t come close to that with email.” Jason Resnick,

Frequently Asked Questions About Bonjoro

What is Bonjoro?

Bonjoro is an easy to use video marketing platform, which makes connecting with purchasers easy.

How much is Bonjoro?

Bonjoro offers a free 14 day trial. Plus they have a free plan and 3 paid plans from $15-$79 per month.

Is Bonjoro any good?

Bonjoro is an awesome tool, which helps you connect with your purchasers.

Is Bonjoro Worth It?

Bonjoro is an awesome way to surprise your customers. Helping you connect with your audience in a very personal way. It’s versatility means you can use it in multiple ways. Welcoming new customers, reconnecting with lapsed customers and so much more. 

As humans we all want to be appreciated and Bonjoro helps you show your customers they are valued in an easy and fun way. 

You only get one chance to make a first impression and Bonjoro helps make that an amazing one. 

We hope this Bonjoro review helped you decide if it's a tool you could use in your business. If  you want to give Bonjoro a try (we know you’ll LOVE  it!), you can grab the trial here.

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