Constant Contact Review For 2020


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Constant Contact Review For 2020: Features, Pricing & Comparisons

constant contact review

Email marketing can be hard work, but for many online businesses it's where relationships are built and sales are made. This means it’s crucial to get it right. 

People still value their inbox. So if you can gain access by offering value, you'll be in a strong position. As opposed to focusing solely on trying to catch their attention on social media. 

‘Email marketing delivers a $38 return-on-investment for every $1 spent’. Direct Marketing Association 2015

To make the email marketing process easy and stress free you need a tool to do the heavy lifting;  an email service provider. 

Such a tool will help you create the emails, send them, track the associated analytics. Also tag/segment customers, so you can provide them with the most relevant help and consequently make more sales.

One such email service provider is Constant Contact. In this Constant Contact review we’ll discuss the features, pros, cons, pricing and competitors. By the end of this Constant Contact review you’ll know if it's the best tool for your needs.

Free for 60 days

Value for Money


No free plan, but they offer a 60 day trial. Comparatively quite expensive, when it only offers basic features in some areas, such as segmentation and landing page capabilities.



Offer several methods of support. Live chat, phone support, a knowledge base and community support. They don’t offer 24/7 support,  so you may have to wait until their allocated support hours.

Ease of Use


Constant Contact asks several questions upon first use and tailors the dashboard & user experience accordingly. Putting the most common tasks front and center.



While they have high deliverability rates. There are limitations to the automations possible within the platform.

We Like

We Don't Like

What Is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact has been a leading expert in the email marketing field for over 20 years. They have over 650,000 customers and a marketplace with over 400 apps and integrations.

Constant Contact helps small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals by providing them with a suite of web building, domain, ecommerce, online marketing tools and even logo making.

Is Constant Contact Right For Me?

Constant Contact has many advanced features, such as contact management functionalities and reporting. It’s easy to understand and use. If you have no email marketing experience, you will be able to quickly understand this email marketing software and get started.

However, the lack of a free plan and the high prices make it more suitable for businesses with larger budgets.

Constant Contact Review: Features

  • Autoresponder
  • Amazing deliverability
  • Trackable coupons
  • Attractive templates
  • Reporting tools
  • Image management
  • Contact management
  • Social media integration

Constant Contact Features: The breakdown


This feature allows you to set up emails which are automatically sent. These are often used to deliver ‘Welcome emails’ or perhaps to deliver an evergreen challenge. 


Constant Contact boasts a 98% deliverability rate, which is higher than most other companies. 


You can send coupons to your audience and then track who's using them.

Drag  and drop templates

They have a large selection of ready-made templates to suit your needs. All templates can be easily edited to suit your brand identity.

Reporting tools

They offer great reporting tools. You can see how your emails have performed in an easy to read report. Then make any necessary adjustments.

Image management

The lightweight library function makes it easy to add images to your emails. You can also access thousands of free images in the library.

Contact management

The Contact Management System is almost endlessly customizable. You can add custom fields, tag contacts, and lots more. It’s easy to import and export lists. There is also a function to help you clean up your list and get rid of duplicates.

Social media integration

You can share your newsletter easily on your favourite social media sites. You can also integrate campaigns to Facebook. 

Free apps for toolkit

The mobile apps make it easy to manage your Toolkit wherever you are.

Eventbrite integration

Create, promote and manage events easily. You can track registrations, add events to any email template, send follow up emails, and import existing contacts.

Surveys & polls

Gain feedback from your audience via integrated surveys and polls.

eCommerce email marketing

eCommerce tools to help grow your online store. Segmented and automated emails to help manage your customers.

Constant Contact Vs Competitors

Constant Contact vs AWeber

Constant Contact offers a 60-day free trial. While AWeber's free trial is 30 days. Constant Contact offers great training. AWeber excels at advanced automation, custom template development and has 24/7 support. If  automations and pricing are important to you AWeber might be the wisest choice.

Constant Contact vs Convertkit

ConvertKit has more advanced email automation features compared to Constant Contact. ConvertKit offers pre-built landing page templates, whereas Constant Contact does not. Constant Contact has higher email deliverability rates than ConvertKit. In almost all areas ConvertKit would come out on top.

Constant Contact vs SendInBlue

Sendinblue’s pricing is more competitive than Constant Contact rates. Sendinblue's rates are based on your actual use, not just based on the number of contacts you have. If budget is your main concern then SendInBlue would be your best bet.

Constant Contact Pricing

There's no free plan, but they offer a 60-day free trial.

They have two paid pricing plans:

  • Email — starts at $15 a month for 500 or fewer contacts. Then increases as your subscriber . number increases. 501-2500 is $30, 2501-5000 is $45 and 5001-10000 is $65
  • Email Plus — starts at $30 a month for 500 or fewer contacts. Then increases as your subscriber . number increases. 501-2500 is $45, 2501-5000 is $60 and 5001-10000 is $85

Email plus includes all the features in the Email package plus Event Marketing, Coupons, Surveys, Polls, Automated sequences, RSVP, Split Testing, Online Donations and more.

They offer a 15% discount if you choose to pay for 6 or 12 months up front. Plus there’s a 30% discount for non-profits.

Constant Contact Customer Reviews

“Constant Contact is an easy-to-use email marketing tool – a little pricey but worth the expense! ” Selene M. Publisher

“Send out professional looking emails securely and with a good delivery rate.” Grace, Health Business owner

“I have managed the Constant Contact email/events account for a small not-for-profit in DC for years.” Jason, Director, Zero.Dot.Two Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions About Constant Contact

Is MailChimp better than Constant Contact?

It depends on your specific business needs. Mailchimp has better automations, but Constant Contact has  better customer support.

How much does it cost to use Constant Contact?

Their basic Email plan starts at $15/month for 500 contacts. Email Plus starts at $30/month. A 15% discount applies to 6-12 month plans. Plus 30% discount is available to nonprofits.

Is there a free version of Constant Contact?

Yes 60 days. 

What can Constant Contact do?

Marketing campaigns such as events, email newsletters, surveys, polls, etc. 

What does suspended mean in Constant Contact?

A Suspended contact is an address that has consistently bounced. If this happens, the email address is put on a temporary hold for 15 days. During this time, the system will not attempt to send any campaigns to this address from any Constant Contact account.

Is Constant Contact Worth It?

Constant Contact state they’re a tool for small businesses. Other email marketing software offer free plans for companies with fewer than 1,000 contacts and Constant Contact doesn’t. So they are quite expensive, especially when they only offer basic features in some areas, such as landing pages and segmentation. 

There are a lot of other email tools offering more tools/features than Constant Contact for less money. Price wise Constant Contact is comparable with much more powerful tools, such as ActiveCampaign.

One of their main positives is their extremely good deliverability rates. They also offer many integrations and allow different access levels for different users. All of which make life easier. 

If you run events, their Eventbrite integration makes them a serious contender. If you don’t, then you can find better features at a lower price point from ConvertKit or SendInBlue. If you're looking for more sophisticated automations, then head over to Active Campaign

However, if this Constant Contact review has piqued your interest, why not take them up on their 60 day free trial.