[EP 33] Transforming a 9-to-5 Job into an Online Business with Shane & Jocelyn

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Discover the 3 beliefs all successful entrepreneurs have that employees are missing
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“I really want to create an online business, but I have no clue what to sell or where to start!”

Sound familiar? 

Honestly, I hear it all the time.  And while I totally understand the lack of clarity on what to focus on—especially when you're just starting out—sometimes we can overlook the opportunities that are staring us straight in the face.

Like, your day job.

Yep. That ol' 9-to-5 you're trying to escape can sometimes be the answer to your freedom-based dreams.

But how do you take your day job and transform it into an online business? Well, for starters, you click play.

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Words of Wisdom from This Week's Episode:

  • The $0.11 changed Shane and Jocelyn's lives
  • How this couple took their 9-to-5 jobs and transformed them into online businesses
  • The power of niching down and serving a ultra-specific audience
  • Why August 2013 will always stand out in their minds
  • Thinking back to their first day as entrepreneurs
  • How Shane and Jocelyn structure their businesses to keep things running smoothly
  • Shane and Jocelyn's biggest win – it's HUGE!!
  • Update: Shane and Jocelyn recently had their first 6 figure MONTH – with $142,000 in August alone!!
  • Shane and Jocelyn's biggest piece of advice for anyone wanting to get started online



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How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Discover the 3 beliefs all successful entrepreneurs have that employees are missing​