[EP 58] The Business of Relationships: How To Connect With Influencers

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I remember the first time I met someone I respected online.

I silently wracked my brain trying to figure out something “cool” to say to them so I could keep the conversation going.

Instead, I peppered them with questions.

Kinda like an interrogation…except I was the only one sweating.

Let me tell you, it wasn't pretty.

And once it was over, all I could think is “oh my god why did I say that?”.

Fast forward a few years and these days I consider myself pretty socially savvy.

However, it can still feel intimidating when you are trying to chat and get to know an “influencer”.

So how can you do it in a way that not only feels natural, but actually results in a relationship being formed?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • How to keep your outreach short and sweet to avoid annoying influencers
  • Calling on your connections to get a cyber intro
  • Using Instagram to reach out to influencers
  • Taking your networking game to the next level
  • A super helpful tool for managing your outreach process and connections
  • What NOT to do when reaching out to influencers
  • How to use the subject line of your message to get seen
  • Taking your cyber connections offline to develop relationships



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