3 Steps to Planning Your Blockbuster Offer

We've all had one of THOSE moments.

You know what I'm talking about, right?

Those moments where you have this stroke of brilliance, come up with a wicked idea for a product and the wheels start turning as to how you can get this thing out there, make cash money and become straight up INTERNET FAMOUS!

I mean, it's the thing online marketing stories are made of, am I right?

“I had an idea, I went with it and voila! I'm a millionaire!” 

What you don't hear though are the behind-the-scenes meltdowns when things don't go as planned and the sales aren't flowing in.

And what you really don't hear is how easy it is to relentless beat yourself up for deciding to go for it.

I get it.

In fact, when Josh and I launched our first product back in 2013 we thought it was going to slay.

But when launch day rolled around? We didn't make one sale.


Because we didn't put in the time to map out our product, let alone the promotion around it.


Which is why we wanted to share our simple 3 step process for planning and mapping out your blockbuster offer.

Wanna know how it all breaks down?

Hit. Dat. Play button!

3 Steps to Mapping Out Your Blockbuster Offer for Your First (or Next) Launch or Promotion 💰Free Lesson –> https://showusyourtips.tv/13 <– how to create training videos in 1/2 the timeFree Training –> https://ninetofivelive.com/register <– 3 Totally Effed Up Lies You've Been Sold that are Preventing You From Making Money in Your Business

Posted by Screw the Nine to Five on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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