How To Rock Your Launch Week (Without Day-Drinking) & Close Like a MOFO

You've connected with your audience…

You've mapped out your blockbuster offer…

You've created a baller pre-launch plan…

And now?

It's launch week!

So how do you keep this momentum going and the sales flowing…especially when there are SO many moving parts to any given launch or promotion?


Listen to me and our not-so-secret secret weapon, Bond (our personal ad strategist AND partner in ADdicted) as we break down what you need to do to rock your launch week!

I'm talking, which emails you need to send (and when), what ads you need to run and which visibility pieces you should have in order to make your launch viciously profitable.

Want in on that action?

Hit play.

REPLAY: 3 Things You NEED to Have in Place if You Want to Slay Your Launch and Close Like a MofoWatch the first 2 videos –> <– in this FREE training series from James Wedmore designed to help you create (and crush!) your first (or next) viciously-profitable launch or promotion!Because you ain't got time for "meh" launches.

Posted by Screw the Nine to Five on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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