The Ultimate Profitable Launch Process and Q & A with James Wedmore

Be honest with me for a sec…

When it comes to planning and running a launch or promotion for your business, do you have some burning questions you just can't find the answers to?

You're not alone.

In fact, loads of Scroupies reached out saying they felt stuck, stumped and swamped when it came to planning and running their launch.

And loads of them said they've had such bad experiences with launches, they didn't know if they should keep running them.


So, I reached out to our dear friend (and coach/mentor), James Wedmore and asked him to come onto the show and shoot a MEGA Q & A session for the Scroupies!

And this dude?

Did NOT hold back.

Looking for answers to your burning launch questions?

Click. Dat. Play button.

LIVE Q & A with James Wedmore and We're Talking About Launches!

REPLAY: James Wedmore Answers YOUR Questions About Running a Profitable Launch in YOUR BusinessSKIP TO THE GOOD STUFF: First things first… Grab your free spot –> <– at our live web class: The 3 Phrases of Building Your Digital Product Empire going down Thursday April 27th at 12pm EST!Next, if you want to learn more about Business By Desgin and the 4 FREE bonuses you get when you join through The Screw, click –> 03:10 — What do you do if you launched a product and it didn't do as many sales as you anticipated? How do you know if it's the messaging and launch strategy that needs work OR if the product just isn't a winner? 05:26 — The ONE metric that will give you the clearest idea of how your launch or offer is performing12:49 — What is the ideal number of days you should be running pre-launch content?14:20 — Is the idea of "you can't launch until you have a list" REALLY the way to go?15:32 — What you SHOULD consider doing for your pre-launch process18:15 — How do I know if I should do an evergreen funnel or a launch? 23:00 — Why James has BOTH evergreen AND launch model in his business28:57 — What should I do if the launch model feels too stressful to me? 31:40 — What's the best to launch a product vs a service? 37:33 — I've bought SO many courses, how is Business By Design different from the rest? (Get the deets on Business By Desgin –> )38:09 — A behind-the-scenes look at Business By Design40:10 — How to get James's launch and promotion plans and use them in YOUR business47:39 — Can we repackage free videos we shared publicly into a course? 49:37 — Free content vs paid content — how much is too much and where do we make the distinction? 53:23 — Is this right for me if I have a MLM or physical product business? 55:39 — What's ONE thing we can do in a launch that no one else is doing? 57:36 — What programs do you suggest we buy if we want to rock our launch? (Creep the FOUR bonuses you get –> 1:00 — How can we make our launch as SIMPLE as possible?1:02:35 — How long should I spend building an audience before launching? 1:05:08 — What if we have a free community? How do we balance that with our paid group? 1:07:01 — Why NOT offering a paid option is actually a DISSERVICE to your audience1:15:33 — How Business By Design can help you DELEGATE your launch tasks(Get the full picture –> )1:16:45 — What are the best tools to use for launching your offers?1:21:25 — What do you think about using Facebook Messenger Bots for a launch? 1:25:03 — Do I HAVE to spend thousands of dollars on marketing to have a profitable launch? 1:28:58 — Do we get lifetime access to Business By Design? And what is the live event all about? Creep everything you get in BBD –> And make sure you check out our 4 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES you get fo' free when you join BBD through The ScrewHit it –>

Posted by Screw the Nine to Five on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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