How To Create and Launch Your Membership Site

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You KNOW you want to start a membership site (and if you're not sure, watch this), buuuuut you don't really know how to go about properly structuring it (so your members aren't overwhelmed AF) annnnd you don't really know how to launch the damn thing.

We hear you.

So to save you the audible sighs and the angry-typing, Josh and I are breaking down a stupid-simple structure for not only creating your membership, but launching it and getting your first batch of founding members.

And here's what is even cooler...

We're going to tell you how to do it without having to spend a metric tonne of money on FB ads.

Sound like something you could get down with?

Then hit that play button (hard) and give this episode a watch.


Because creating and launching your membership doesn't have to be an overwhelming or headache-inducing process.

In fact, it can be downright fun.

Wild, I know!

Want to know what that process looks like?

You know what to do.

Psssst! It's hit the play button! *wink*

How To Create and Launch Your Membership Site

{REPLAY} How To Create And Launch YOUR Membership SiteRESOURCES MENTIONED: Book a free tour of Screw U --> Get your FREE pre-launch checklist! Type the word "checklist" into the comments! Want to be notified when we go live with a new episode? Type "show" in the comments!SKIP TO THE GOOD STUFF: 4:35 -- Why you need BOTH a training platform and a community platform 11:05 -- The tools we use to run Screw U20:20 -- The power of pre-launch21:15 -- Creating your 3 month visibility plan 25:00 -- How to find targeted guest posting opportunities27:30 -- Why having a "sneak peek" can make your sales process WAY easier29:50 -- Let's talk about LAUNCH WEEK35:20 -- An important shift you MUST make when launch week rolls around38: 40 -- Our favourite live chat software and why it's so useful to have48:40 -- A free resource you've gotta have!

Posted by Screw the Nine to Five on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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  1. Sharla Ember

    Hi! I'm putting together my membership site right now and this has all been some great info. Thanks! I've been planning on doing a 5-day live challenge to launch it. Do you think this is a good way to launch? I'll be doing the challenge in my private Facebook group along with daily emails, or should I make it more public?

  2. Nick Dale


  3. Nick Dale

    I thought Thinkific was a bit basic looking, inside the platform. It does look user friendly but it didn't have some features I was looking for.
    I ended up going the WordPress route and getting a developer to help me set up my course. But i'm aiming towards setting up a proper Member site, with monthly content. I really want to do this! Not sure If i'll keep using the WordPress site (as I'll end up having to keep paying my developer and getting him to tweak and add etc) 0r find a hosted platform..

    • Josh Stanton

      Hey Eva, okay to grab the checklist just go here and enter in your details and we'll shoot it out to you –


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