How To Engage Your Members and Keep Them Paying Month After Month


It’s the one thing us community builders stress over focus on the most, am I right? 

And I get it!

I mean, who wants to build a community (free or paid) and attract a community full of lurkers?

Not this girl!

(And I’m sure you don’t either!)

So how do you engage people inside a membership site AND ensure they keep paying month after month?

Click play and listen in as Josh and I reveal our best strategies for engaging AND retaining your members month after month.

Because let's keep it real…

If you're going to create a membership site, you want people to not only use it, but keep paying month after month!

And in this episode we're going to show you how to do just that.

Click it.

{Replay} How To Engage and Retain Your Members So They Keep Paying Each and Every MonthRESOURCES MENTIONED: :: Type "tips" into the comments below to snatch up our 5 BEST retention strategies we use to rock a consistent 93% retention rate inside Screw U:: Type "show" into the comments to be notified via FB message when we go live with a new episode:: Hit this –> <– to take a spin through Screw U before the price goes up June 30th! Because you belong here!(Note: This is an edited version of our live episode to remove a few tech hiccups we had!)

Posted by Screw the Nine to Five on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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