The Unconventional Guide to Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups for Business

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People are raving about using Facebook groups for business these days and how amazing they are for building your brand and creating tight knit, engaging communities full of loyal members.

And it’s got you thinking, shouldn’t I be jumping on this bandwagon?

But before you take the plunge, that nasty little shadow of self doubt lurks out from the depths of your mind and paralyzes you with questions like…

“Who the hell am I to start my own group?”

“What if I no one joins?”

“What if *gasp* no one posts and I’m stuck with a group full of LURKERS?!”

If this is starting to sound just a little too familiar, don’t sweat.

I totally get it.

In fact, I hmmm’d and hawww’d over the decision to start my own free group for about 6 months before pulling the trigger.


And now after building up TWO free groups with over 55,000 members combined (fo’ real), I can honestly say making the decision to create and build our free Facebook groups was monumental to the growth of our brand.

Which is why we wanted to create the be-all-end-all of free guides to help my fellow webpreneurs get set up and started with their own free Facebook groups for business.

Because I’m tellin’ ya, if you do it right, a free group can transform and catapult your business in ways you’ve never imagined!

Which is exactly what we’re going to be diving into in this guide!

So brace yourself, because we’re getting down and dirty with all things Facebook group related.

From “what is a Facebook group” to “how to create a Facebook group for your business”…

And “how the heck do I get people to join my group?” to “alright, now how do I get them to speak up and engage?”…

To “how do I sell inside my group without sacrificing my community?”…

Plus everything in between.

Here’s how it’s gonna break down…

Chapter 1: What is a Facebook Group?

In chapter one we’re kicking it off with the basics and diving into what the heck a Facebook group really is and what it’s not.

If you’ve struggled to wrap your head around this community marketing phenomena that’s currently going down, this is a great place to start if you’re trying to decide whether or not you’re going to start using Facebook groups for business.

You can dive into that chapter right here!

Chapter 2: Facebook Page vs Facebook Group

One question we alllllways get is “why should I start a group if I already have a Facebook Page?”.

And I get it.

I mean, damn, we entrepreneurs are busy and it can feel overwhelming to add yet another task to our list.

In this chapter, I’m breaking down the pros and cons of both Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups so you can make the right decision for you.

If you’ve been wondering “should I create a Facebook Page or Group for my business” then you should find this chapter wildly useful.

Give it a read here!

Chapter 3: How To Create a Facebook Group

So here’s the thing: It’s actually pretty damn easy to create your Facebook Group and get it out there.

However, to make it even easier, I’ve broken down each step (and included screenshots of each step *fist pump*) to walk you through the whole process.

Because sometimes you just want to be told what to do, am I right?

You can take a spin through that tutorial here!

Chapter 4: How To Grow a Facebook Group

Ohhhhh yeah! This is where we start diving into the good stuff and start talking about how to use Facebook for business!

Now if there is one thing I know for sure when it comes to Facebook Groups is that a lot of group owners looooove having the big flashy membership numbers.

I mean, it just looks good, right?

I totally get it.

And since we’ve now grown TWO groups to over 55,000 members (combined), we know a thing or two about how to grow ‘em…without forking over cash for Facebook ads.


In this chapter it’s all about organic growth tips so that you can start leveraging the platforms and opportunities you already have to grow your group full of perfectly aligned members!

Want to get your hands on those tips?

Hit this hard and dive in!

Chapter 5: Facebook Group Engagement

Facebook engagement. It’s the one thing that holds soooo many people back from starting their own Facebook Group for business.

Including me!


I hmmm’d and haww’d over whether to start our first group for close to 6 months because I was nervous people wouldn’t engage or talk in it and I would be stuck with a group full of lurkers.

Can you relate?

If so, you’re going to l.o.v.e this chapter because we’re diving deep into some of my go-to engagement strategies that help turn those lurkers into lifers.

If you’re worried about creating a group and hearing nothing but crickets then tap that sexy lil’ link below and get to reading!

Tap it like you mean it!

Chapter 6: Facebook Group Marketing

I’m not gonna lie, this is my favourite element of Facebook Groups!


Because there are so many engaging, non-pushy ways to market inside your Facebook group that doesn’t feel like you’re “marketing”.

Best of all, I’ll walk you through some of our no-fail strategies for turning your free members into paying customers in a way that doesn’t feel pushy, salesy or piss off the members you worked so hard to build a relationship with.

Looking for some good Facebook Group ideas to help you up your sales and marketing game?

Click it to read it!

Chapter 7: Facebook Group Tools

Let’s face it: We’re all busy.

And sometimes doing everything manually inside of your group can feel like a tedious time suck.

Trust, I feel you.

Which is why we’re using this chapter to break down some handy tools you have at your disposal that will allow you to automate your group and dig into the data so you’re using your group strategically and not wasting any time.

Plus, I’ve also included some of the top Facebook Groups for business that you may also want to check out to see how they do what they do.

Because let’s be real: If you want to start using Facebook groups to propel your business forward, it’s helpful to see how other pros are doing this with mad success.

You can check that out here!

Still craving more high-impact, advanced strategies that you can use to throw gasoline on your group efforts and really take ‘em to the next level?

Take a spin through our training Create Awesome FB Groups (co-hosted by David Siteman Garland from The Rise to the Top fame!) and get the strategies we using RIGHT NOW that are having a staggering effect on our group and business!

Orrrrr choose the chapter you want to dive into and let’s get this party started!



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