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Focuster Review For 2020: Features, Pricing & Competitors

Focuster Review

We all have so many choices every day. Especially as the internet brings everything we could want right to our fingertips.

Choices are amazing! There’s no doubt it’s great to have access to any information we need, whenever we need it. It makes our lives so much easier.

However, it’s not without its issues. Often the amount of choices we have leads to overwhelm. How do we deal with all the noise in our everyday lives? Day drinking? Let’s hope not!

In our working lives we need to focus and be productive. But that’s easier said than done. 

It’s important to minimize the distractions, so you can focus on the task in hand and get stuff done. Focusing on one thing at a time will help you make more progress and finally tick things off your list!

But how do you actually do this, because you know when you open your computer that notifications will be pinging and the distractions (including some cat videos!) will come thick and fast.

On average, it takes 24 minutes to regain lost focus (each time!). Imagine how many minutes a day you waste as a result of lost focus? 

In an ideal world you need to know what you should be doing and when. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew exactly what you needed to do all the time?

This is where Focuster can help. In this Focuster review we’re going to share the pros, cons, features and competitors. By the end of this Focuster review you’ll know if it’s the tool for you.

Review of: Focuster

Value for Money


More expensive than other tools & has less functionality. 14-day free trial with all features.



They offer a knowledge base & chat support.

Ease of Use


Straightforward & intuitive to use. Knowledge base to help if you need clarification.



A great tool, with lots of positive feedback from users.

We Like

We Don't Like

What Is Focuster?

Focuster is a focus management software that helps entrepreneurs mesh their to do lists with their calendars. 

It lets you create a list of daily goals, prioritize them and then it automatically adds the tasks into available slots on your calendar.

Focuster will notify you when you have free time and suggest a priority to be added to this time. If you don’t complete a task, Focuster will reschedule it automatically until it is completed. It’s like having your own Virtual Assistant!

The added Activity Bar will track your daily progress and alert you if you have too many tasks scheduled on any day.

Focuster Review: Features

The main features include:

  • Plans out your day by automatically scheduling tasks in free blocks of time on your calendar
  • Sends notifications to alert you when you should start new  task
  • Reschedules unfinished tasks automatically
  • Syncs with Google Calendar so you can view tasks on your calendar app
  • Time blocking
  • Task splitting

Focuster Features: The Breakdown

A few key features in Focuster;


Focuster is a web based tool. Mobile apps are being created early 2020.

Task drag and drop

It’s easy to schedule tasks on your todo list. Just drag them from your list onto a free gap on your calendar. You can easily extend a task by stretching it.


Integrates directly with Google calendar. It syncs immediately so changes you make in Focuster will show in Google calendar. You can also make use of the 500+ other apps integrations via Zapier. 

“Auto” scheduling

Any tasks you don’t complete are automatically rescheduled into an open space in your calendar. 

Auto splitting actions

Focuster will split large tasks into smaller tasks to fit them into a packed schedule.

Time blocking

Group tasks (home, work etc) and set up themed time-blocks in your schedule, where these tasks are done together.

1-to-1 personal set up

For people on the annual plan, they offer a coaching call to help you get set up correctly.

Focuster vs Competitors

Focuster vs Monday

Monday gives teams the opportunity to work together dynamically, plan and execute all in the same place. If you have a team, then Monday may be more suited to your needs. If you're a solopreneur who struggles with diary/time management then check out Focuster.

Focuster vs Paymo

Paymo is a work management platform that bundles task management, scheduling, time tracking & billing to help deliver projects on-time. Paymo is $15.16 per month for the business plan, which is similar to Focuster pricing, but gives you the ability to invoice. It does lack the automatic scheduling that Focuster has.

Focuster vs Process Street

Process Street is a cloud-based business process management (BPM) tool that helps organizations to create process documents and checklists for recurring projects. PS is more focused on process management and Focuster on diary/task management. So the choice of which is most suitable for you will depend on what’s the most important focus for you.

Focuster Review: Pricing

Focuster comes in three packages;

  • Focuster Basic: $9.99 per month.
  • Focuster Pro: $19.99 per month. Offers scheduling up to two weeks in advance.
  • Focuster Executive: Includes a one-to-one coaching session to set up your Focuster.

Focuster Customer Testimonials

“With Focuster I have much better time management and awareness of my schedule which lets me better focus on my top priorities.” Adam Moody, Co-Founder Semantic Mastery

“Focuster has enabled me to work less hours every week while actually increasing billable hours at the same time. So I guess you could say Focuster gave me a raise. Thanks!” Erik Gillberg, Owner at Antenna Digital Marketing

“I am completely blown away by its ability to show you how much time you have in your day and what is possible. It keeps me on track and helps to prioritize.” Helen Crozier, Evernote Certified Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions About Focuster

How much is Focuster?

  • Focuster offers 3 packages; 
  • Focuster Basic: $9.99 per month. 
  • Focuster Pro: $19.99 per month. Offers scheduling up to two weeks in advance. 
  • Focuster Executive: Includes a one-to-one coaching session to set up your Focuster.

Is there a free Focuster plan?

Focuster doesn't offer a free account, but they do offer a full featured 14 day trial.

Is Focuster Worth It?

Focuster could have more native features, but the fact that it integrates with over 500 other apps does open up lots of possible functionality.

Compared to it’s competitors it’s quite expensive. When they have the mobile apps and a few more features, it might feel better value for money.      

However, if you struggle with your time management and need a solution to managing your calendar, then why not take it for a 14 day trial. If it works for you and revolutionises your time management, then it won’t seem expensive.

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