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3 Must Have Tools For Coaches & Consultants

It's true that certain online tools can help you grow your coaching or consulting business.

Not every tool is necessary, however the following are must-have online tools for coaches and consultants who are looking to get more clients and serve them in the way they deserve.

Tool 1: Manage Appointments

The fact of the matter is I KNOW you are going to be booking clients because you are committed to becoming a successful coach or consultant.

Sure you could try and manage it on your own, however these tools put appointment scheduling on autopilot.

Here's what they do:

  1. You can sync appointments to your preferred calendar
  2. Give your clients a singular booking link
  3. Only show available times to your clients
  4. Setup availability based on your own preference

This way you don't have to go back and forth with prospects and clients to figure out the best suitable time.

You can just send them a link and they can choose a time that fits you and them the best.

Here are some of my favorites (NOT in order of preference):

  1. Acuity Scheduling (free option)
  2. Schedule Once (free trial)
  3. Calendly (free option)

Do yourself a favor right now if you haven't already and sign up to one of these before coming back to this page.

Tool 2: Customer Management

I'm going to assume you want to charge for your coaching or consulting services right?!

Well, for that you're going to have to setup a payment form and process any payments that come in.

Here's how online payment processing works:

  1. You create a checkout portal (AKA an order form)
  2. A client makes an order and it goes to a payment gateway (this checks to make sure the customer has sufficient funds to make the order)
  3. If the customer has funds, a payment processor charges their credit card and applies funds into your account
  4. You can then transfer those funds to your bank account

Plainly put, you need a way to create order forms, a payment gateway and a payment processor.

Payment Processing For Consultants

If you're growing a consultancy, it's a little easier.

You can kill 2 birds with one stone by using either the Growing ($25/mo) or Powerhouse ($50/mo) plans from Acuity Scheduling, combined with Stripe or PayPal to process payments from your clients. 

It also allows you to create recurring subscriptions, which comes in handy for clients paying on an ongoing basis.

Payment Processing For Coaches

If you're building a coaching business, you may want to consider something more powerful in the form of a customer relationship management tool or CRM for short.

These tools allow you to do the following and more:

  1. Create opt in pages, sales pages, membership site pages, order pages and confirmation pages
  2. Integrate with any payment processor/gateway like PayPal or Stripe
  3. Create and manage products, offers and bundles (including subscriptions)
  4. Create email sequences and broadcasts for marketing and client support
  5. Manage ALL customer information
  6. Create and manage online courses for your clients

In other words, a CRM will take care of all of your marketing and payment processing needs.

Here are 3 good CRMs for coaches:

  1. ClickFunnels (free trial)
  2. ConvertKit (free trial)
  3. Kajabi (free trial)

To summarize, if you are a consultant then just use a plan from Acuity Scheduling and if you are a coach, then you'll want something more powerful like one of the above CRMs.

Tool 3: Meetings & Webinars 

Let's face it. You're going to need SOME way of running calls with clients and prospects.

Sure, you could just ask for your clients phone number, however that's nowhere near as personal as being able to see each others faces.

And ideally, the best option is to be able to meet in person with your clients, however that's not always possible.

On top of that, what if you are doing group coaching and you have a presentation you want to show your clients?

Kinda difficult to do over the phone!

Here's what I recommend…

Online Meeting Tool

The first tool I recommend for both coaches and consultants is Zoom Meetings.

It's free to use unless you want some of the pro options starting at $14.95/month. The free option allows you to host up to 100 participants in your personal meeting room.

Here's why Zoom will come in handy for your business:

  1. You get a custom meeting link (just send it to clients and prospects)
  2. You can turn on video so you can see each others faces
  3. You can schedule meetings
  4. You can share your screen for presentations
  5. It comes with a built in chat room
  6. You can record calls to send to your clients
  7. It's fast and reliable
  8. Did I say it was FREE?!

There are other tools out there, however, Zoom is WAY ahead of the pack right now when it comes to an online meeting solution.

Sales Webinars

The other way in which you'll use online calls will be to selling your services on webinars. This especially applies to coaches who are looking to sell to multiple prospects attending your webinar.

Here are the top 3 webinar solutions for you:

  1. GoToWebinar (free trial)
  2. Zoom Webinars (starting from $54.99/month)
  3. Webinar Ninja (free trial)

In summary, I recommend getting a free zoom account if you haven't already and if you plan on selling your services through webinars, start a trial at the options mentioned above.

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