[Ep 115] How To Grow & Manage a Wildly-Popular Facebook Group

I’ve got a secret I wanna dish…

We wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t found our Scroupies.

I’m talkin’ about ‘our people’…

Our business family…

The like-minded webpreneurs that we share our failures and successes with.

Because, seriously? It’s sooo-ohhhh important to have that kind of support when you're running your own thang, and Josh and I are HUGE believers in the power of community.

Which is why (back in April ) we decided to step up our game and start a free Facebook group to help create that kind of community for people. 

And let’s just say, shit has gone bananas.  

I'm talking over 3,400 people in just over 4 months.


Well, unless you count the 4 days I ran ads to it.

But I digress.

What's even cooler is we now have a hyper-engaged, totally supportive and active community of business badasses that support and encourage each other. 

I mean, I can't get enough of it!

Buuuuut, “Jill! Where’s the dollah dollah bills?”, I can hear you scream at your computer screen.

Well, prepare to have your mind blown.

The return on this is HUGE.

We’ve learned that when you get to know your audience, you can better serve them.

And when you better serve them, you’ll find that they better serve you.

We’re talkin' more sales, increased downloads, an expanding email list, new podcast ideas, did I mention more sales? 

So how can you build and grow a FB group that takes your business next level?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • Why Facebook groups are sooooo important
  • How to start, grow and manage your Facebook group
  • How groups generate proud ambassadors to sell your products for you
  • How to use your community to spread your message and grow your business
  • Why is consistency important?
  • How to theme your days and invite inspiration
  • It’s not about you, honey! The importance of helping members shine
  • Give your people a platform- why sharing their wins will increase yours
  • People want interaction! Why you gotta show up and be present
  • How to promote and drive people to your Facebook group

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2 thoughts on “[Ep 115] How To Grow & Manage a Wildly-Popular Facebook Group”

  1. Great podcast! I love being in your group… and even just made sure my adult daughter found your site and the group… because I love your group.

    And I’m working hard to be able to afford to be in your next class, too. Why? Because I get so much value from being in your group….

    • Oh wow thank you SO much Ella! That truly means the world to me and I’m so happy to hear you’re digging the group!

      Thank you so much for being in there with me 🙂

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