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[EP 52] How To Deal With Haters

Jill Stanton Posted March 30, 2015

Ahhhh haters.

I've had my fair share of them!

From relentless bullying by a pack of stone-cold bitches all throughout high school to being called greedy pigs on the Screw, I've seen (and heard) it all.

And it can really make you feel like shit….if you let it.

What's more is that I'm sure it will continue to happen the more we focus on building the Screw to its fullest potential.

And I'm cool with it.

In fact, I expect it.

Which is why I also have a few tricks up my sleeve for dealing with it.

So let us break 'em down for you in today's episode.

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • Why it can sometimes be a good thing to have haters
  • How to reply to a hateful message with the opposite energy
  • The importance of reframing the message before responding
  • How to add filters to your email to blacklist haters
  • The reasons people lash out
  • How to ‘unsubscribe' people in real life, offline
  • How to automate dealing with haters



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