How To Know if You’re Ready to Start Running Facebook Ads

“I FINALLY finished my new course! How do I start selling it? I don't have a list or anything, so should I just run Facebook ads to it?”  Do you know how many times I hear stuff like this?

Actually, save the guess.

Because it's a lot.

Like, a lot, a LOT.

And it's frustrating because I know in my heart of hearts that we entrepreneurs typically have the best intentions.

I mean, we're problem solvers.

We like to help people.

We are in it to serve.

But we also want to make bank.

Which is the precise reason I cringe inside when I see someone announce that they are going to start investing in FB ads, even though they don't have a strategy…

Or an idea as to how well their offer will convert…

Or a glimpse into what their audience truly wants…because they don't have one.

And honestly? It's not good.

Now don't get me wrong, I love all things FB ads!

But ONLY when you have a sound strategy and a way to make your money back…plus some.

In fact, I was talking to our FB ads strategist, Amanda Bond (who is our partner in creating ADdicted (no longer available) about this precise issue I keep seeing pop up and the advice she threw down was so good I had to ask her to stop.

Stop, elaborate and list it….out for everyone who is interested or even considering running paid traffic with Facebook ads.

And yes, I just bastardized Vanilla Ice.

Not only did she oblige, but Bond brought the heat and is dishing it below.

Want to know if YOU are ready to start running Facebook ads?

Do your thang, Bond!

How To Know When To Run FB Ads

You see them everyday in your newsfeed…

Gorgeous looking ads with stellar copy, huge engagement and you think to yourself “Pffft I could totally do that!”, right?

As an ads strategist I hear it all the time.

“I want to grow my list…can I just run ads?”

“I want to host a webinar…can I just run ads?”

“I need to get traffic to my site…can I just run ads?”

And I get it.

I mean, Facebook ads have become the new go-to traffic source for so many online entrepreneurs that we think just by running them, we're hacking the system.

But for the majority of people, all they're really doing is wasting money.

Wasting money…and time…and energy because they don't have a strategy.

As of today, that stops…

Until you do this…

Step 1: Ask Yourself WHY

You know your business, goals and objectives best.

So ask yourself: “WHY do I want to run Facebook ads?”

Don't just rush to answer that either.

Instead, think on it.

Give yourself time and space to get clear and be honest.

Remember, this is your business, your brand, your message!

Which means you're going to want to take the time to drill down into the true motivation behind your desire to jump into all things ads.

Yeah, I know. Waiting isn't fun, but it will help you create more targeted and strategic campaigns.

And really, that's what I'm all about—strategic and purposeful paid traffic.

Now typically as you get clear on this, most answers will fall under two categories:

1. Vanity Objectives
2. Strategic Objectives

Vanity Objectives

I know, it sounds harsh, but let me preface this section by reminding you that I’m a Facebook ad strategist, not a content marketer or social media manager.

My number one priority and goal for you is investment ROI.

Engagement, social proof and Page Likes?

They don't mean shit to me if you’re not moving potential clients through your funnel.

Basically, all I care about is this…

If you are going to spend $1 in your business, I want you to make that $1 plus some back with a clearly laid out strategic plan.

A plan that is quantifiable and easy to track and measure.

And vanity objectives? They ain't always the easiest to quantify or correlate directly to revenue and profit.

So if you've ever thought to yourself:

“I want more people to Like my Page”

“I wish more people would comment and share my content”

“I want to brand myself”

“I want a bigger list”

“I want to look like an expert”

“I want greater influence”

Then straight up, you're approaching paid traffic from the wrong angle.

And honestly? All these objectives are doing is wasting your money.

Harsh, but true.

Instead, let's flip the focus to metrics that increase your revenue and impact…otherwise known as strategic objectives.

Strategic Objectives

So here's the deal…

The biggest differentiating factor between vanity objectives and strategic objectives is the ability to quantify the results, and determine your return on investment (ROI).

That means the outcome of your campaign is measurable in a way that directly correlates to business growth, not just surface growth.

That means growth in areas like:

– Permission based list growth
– Conversions
– Sales and revenue

These are the holy trinity of business growth, and if you aren't focused on these goals for your campaigns you need to take a step back, re-adjust and pivot your approach.

Or you could do this…

Step 2: Ask Yourself WHAT

What's the “what”, you ask?


What are you going to do with the people who are interacting with your ad, clicking to your landing page and forking over their email?

Are they going to land on a clunky page that isn't mobile responsive?

Are they just going to get herded onto a list that you don't even email consistently?

Are they going to get frustrated and unsubscribe?

What the hell are you going to do with them?

To ensure your ads are not only well-received, but making you a profit you're going to need a system in place.

Now this could be as simple as collecting email addresses which are then sent a series of hyper-specific emails that help you get to know your subscribers and get qualified prospect on the phone with you…

It could be building a registration list for a detailed and uber-helpful webinar

Or it could a simplified, yet dangerously effective multi-touchpoint sales funnel that walks them through an email sequence that is paired with strategic retargeting.

And if you're having a “WTF?!” moment right now, I don't want you to stress.

This is SO much easier than it sounds.

In fact, this is something we'll be diving deep into inside our smart and strategic FB Ads Program, ADdicted (no longer available)

But enough about that, let's get back to you and WHAT you plan to do with the people clicking your ads.

The main factor you have to consider when trying to decide what the purpose is with your ads is no matter what, you need to have a journey mapped out for each new lead that joins your list and how you're going to recoup that ad cost.

If you don't have that, you're throwing away your hard-earned revenue.

And really, no one wants that.

If, however, you have a plan in place and you're ready to start turning on the paid traffic tap, you need to…

Step 3: Is This WORKING?

So you've got a plan mapped out, hell you may have already executed on it!

Now we've got to ask…

Is this already working?

What I mean is, are you sending organic traffic through an automated system and creating revenue off the back of it?

Is the machine running without you currently spending money on ads?

And most importantly, if it is making money, do you have an idea of how well it's converting?

I know these might seem a tad overwhelming, but I'm here to help you with your business, not beat around the bush.

Think about it this way…

Would you pay $100 for a single lead if your conversion rate was 25% and your product was $2,000?

Ummmm yes. Yes you would.

So now be honest…

Would you spend $1 on ads if you had no way to monetize off that lead?

Hell no.

This is precisely why it's so important to get real with yourself and know your numbers.

Because in business? It's not about how big your email list is or how many people like your page…

It's about creating a healthy, profitable business that you can grow and scale based around numbers, not emotions.

THAT is how you turn your ad “expense” into a ROI-driven investment.

Which is precisely what we'll be showing you how to do inside of ADdicted.

(NOTE: ADdicted is no longer a program we offer.)

Thanks for being here.

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