How To Quit University, Build A Successful Business And Make Your Friends Jealous With Lauren Tickner

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Free 5-Day Challenge

"How To Think Like A Millionaire"
July 25-29

Let's face it, university isn't for everyone! In fact, I would as far to say there are actually too many people attending university instead of entering the trades or starting businesses.

Lauren Tickner from knew immediately that she was meant to be an entrepreneur.

In today's episode, we interview Lauren and ask her about the decision she made to leave university and start her own online business. Plus if she would recommend this option to other people in their 20's.

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Resources Mentioned

The Big 3!

  1. If you know you're an entrepreneur, then don't go to school!
  2. Social media has opened up the chance to impact millions of people
  3. Personal brands are POWERFUL

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Free 5-Day Challenge: "How To Think Like A Millionaire"

(challenge going down July 25-29)