Does this sound familiar?

You worked your (cute) butt off to get traffic coming to your site…and it worked!

Yay, you!

But now that you've got it, do you know what you are going to do with it?

I mean, think about it: What good is traffic if it's just gonna sit there, clicking around and reading a post or two and then leaving your site?

Well, what if you could capitalize on that traffic, funnel them through your site and towards your products and services in a way that just feels…effortless?

Think it sounds too good to be true?

Think again.

And then click the play button at the top of the page or download this in iTunes or listen on Stitcher to discover exactly how to do this.

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • Create and execute your first sales funnel – it’s so simple!
  • How to create lead magnets, and why you should have a few.
  • Different types of lead magnets you can create.
  • What does “joining the church” mean?
  • Ideas for Introductory Offers and why you need one.
  • What should you put in your “indoc” email?
  • How to upgrade customers to your Core Offer.

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