Scroupie Spotlight: How Jason Brown Built a Half a Million Dollar Business on the Side of His 9-to-5

Imagine this, Scroupies…

You've been grinding it out in your business for what feels like eons, but you're not really getting anywhere.

There's barely any traffic coming in…

Your list isn't growing…

And worst of all, that bank balance of yours feels like it's dwindling.

Hello, stressful!

And so you make the tough call so many of us dread making: You decide you need to go back to the 9-to-5 to make ends meet.

Cue the feelings of defeat.

The thoughts of “who did I think I was anyways?”.

And the anxiety that pops up when you think about having to tell your friends and family that you have decided to get a day job again.

It's basically the last thing any of us webpreneurs want, am I right?

Yet, it's not the end of the world.

Hell, it's not even the end of your business!

If you've ever faced this fear or tossed around constant “what ifs” in your mind as you battle through the journey that is entrepreneurship, I think you are going to effing LOVE today's podcast episode.


Because today Josh is jamming with one of our members inside Screw U, Jason Brown who not only dealt with having to go back to his 9-to-5, but used it as fuel to turn his business into a success!

What was the end result?

A business that made half a million dollars while he was STILL in his 9-to-5!

So, how did he bounce back and turn it around?

Pop this episode into your eardrums and let JB break it all down!

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • {5:35} What are the different pieces that make up Jason's business and how does he use them strategically?
  • {6:20} What was Jason doing before his business took off?
  • {8:40} What happened when Jason launched his first course and how did he handle the reaction?
  • {13:35} The one thing that Jason believes separates him from his competition and why it's SO damn important
  • {17:30} How “going pro” in his business helped Jason propel his brand forward
  • {19:20} Why YouTube is Jason's go-to marketing channel and how he uses it strategically
  • {26:00} The power of keeping things simple in your business
  • {30:00} How Jason made $75,000 of a $97 program
  • {34:05} Why Jason chose to stay in his 9-to-5 even though his business was making $500,000
  • {39:30} Why choosing to build his business part time was the best thing Jason did for his company AND his life
  • {41:30} What does Jason's business look like now and what is his big focus for 2018?
  • {47:25} Jason's biggest piece of advice for the entrepreneurs feeling stuck and unsure

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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