[EP 15] Couple Spotlight with Jenny and Lewis Smith from BodyTrack.It

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Before we moved to Thailand, Josh and I felt like the only couple on this crazy rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. After landing in Chiang Mai, it didn't take us long to realize there were so many other amazing couples out there going through the same ups and downs as us.

One of those couples happened to be the every so British and proper Jenny and Lewis Smith.

Now, we met this twosome at our co-working space and what's so cool about them is that they started their business journey at the exact same time as us.

After honeymooning in Thailand they decided to kick those 9 to 5's to the curb and dig their heels into the world of app development. With a few successful apps on the market now (and even more in the works), there's no question that they've found their calling!

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Words of Wisdom in This Week’s Podcast:

  • The catalyst that rocked Jenny and Lewis' world and brought them out of their 9-5
  • What they learned from the issues they had with their first app designer
  • The little routines they have developed to keep their relationship fresh
  • You'll be surprised how fast they made their first buck together
  • What you need to make an app profitable
  • A few words of wisdom if you're interested in going into apps or a couple just starting out
  • The little practice they do daily to keep them grateful
  • The biggest failure they encountered with their business and what it ultimately taught them



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