EP84 - How Jordan Harbinger Went from Wall Street Lawyer to Full-Time Charmer | Screw The Nine To Five
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EP84 – How Jordan Harbinger Went from Wall Street Lawyer to Full-Time Charmer

Josh Stanton Posted June 10, 2015

Does making a name for yourself in a cut-throat industry and working 80-100 hours a week sound remotely appealing to you?

Pffft no!

In fact, that sounds like a special version of hell.

Yet, that is exactly what our guest today, Jordan Harbinger, did while creating a name for himself as a Wall Street Lawyer.

And while the money and the in-company notoriety was “nice” for a while, Jordan quickly realized that his innate charm could be used for better things than winning a case or landing a promotion.

So how did he embrace his inner charmer and use it to help millions of men boost their confidence and improve their overall performance?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • What is the strongest predictor of success?
  • The secret to job security – in any industry.
  • How did Jordan discover his superpower?
  • What made Jordan want to start the Art of Charm?
  • Getting and sustaining momentum in your side gig.
  • Jordan’s best advice for when to go full-time into your side gig.
  • Why today’s education system does not produce entrepreneurs.

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