Scroupie Spotlight: How Kirsty Briscoe Got Her Products on the Shelves of Whole Foods (and Why It Wasn’t What She Expected)

Imagine this: You have a passion for creating healthy food and products for your friends, family and loved ones…and when they try it, they actually like it!

So much so, you decide to see if others feel the same and you start hitting local markets…

And much to your surprise a company like WHOLE FOODS starts to notice what you've created.

I mean, it sounds like every creative's, baker's and maker's dream, doesn't it?

Until the sexy Whole Foods deal doesn't really turn out to be what you expected and you're sitting there scratching your head, wondering what is next.

Do you make something new?

Do you power through and chalk it all up to the entrepreneurial journey?

Do you *gasp* go back to a J.O.B?

That's exactly the situation Kirsty found herself in a few years back.

So, what does her business and life look like now…even without the Whole Foods deal?

Dive into this episode and see if you can relate to what Kirsty went through!

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • {4:05} What is Kirsty's business “Paleo Folks” all about and what is her driving mission with it?
  • {6:40} What did Kirsty's life look like before she started her business?
  • {9:10} How Paleo Folks was born and grew through local Farmers Markets
  • {11:35} What happened when Whole Foods came calling
  • {14:00} Why Kirsty chose to go back to a job even though she was still running her business
  • {18:00} Kirsty's introduction to online marketing and why she claims Screw U “changed her life”
  • {19:30} What did Kirsty's experience launching her first course look like?
  • {23:05} A glimpse into Kirsty's meal service and how it's changing the lives of families
  • {26:45} How did Kirsty handle going through a divorce, with two small kids while still in a job AND running her business?
  • {32:10} What is Kirsty's biggest obstacle in her business right now and how is she overcoming it?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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