[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”4%” border=”none”][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]Ohhh child do we have a wisdom bomb to throw down on you from the sweet depths of the interwebs.

Now, I know you want to be making money from your website by selling your own products, programs, and services, and that's cool! But there is one super stellar way to make even more money from it…without having to really break a sweat.

Can you guess what it is? Give it a think…

Ok, screw waiting…I'm just gonna tell you.

*drum roll*

Affiliate Marketing, bitchesssss! So wanna learn how you can use it in your business? Click play!

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You might not have enough time to watch the full video and we do understand that.. So go bellow for the full transcript..


JILL: If you’re not doing this one thing, you’re losing money in your business.

A question for you, do you want to make extra money in your business without breaking a sweat?  We have something really cool for you today.

JOSH: I’ll also introduce you to affiliate marketing. [spoiler]

JILL: Peep this, before we got started with The Screw, we made all of our money online with affiliate marketing.

JOSH: And more specifically, we were setting up simple product review sites.

JILL: But that’s not what we’re talking about today.  Today, we’re going to cover how to make money with affiliate marketing in your already existing business.

JOSH: What the hell does that mean?

JILL: Basically, you get paid for referring your audience onto the products you already use.

JOSH: But the question is, how do you do it?

JILL: Let’s get into it.  Tip #1:  Create a resource page on your website.

JOSH: A resource what now?

JILL: A resource page.  You know, a page on your website where you list all the different tools you use in your business.

JOSH: Oh okay.  So let’s say we use lead pages to go to email list right now.  What we could do is write a little snippet about lead pages and why we really like it, and we could put that on our resource page.

JILL: Exactly and then all you have to do is drop an affiliate link in there so that you get a commission each time a sale comes through your website.

JOSH: Jill, we just got a commission!

JILL: Damn, that was easy!  Okay, what’s next?

JOSH: Tip #2:  Drop your affiliate links into your weekly content.

JILL: So all you have to do here is simply drop an affiliate link inside your video post or your blog post anytime you mention a tool.

JOSH: What about podcast?

JILL: Deff’s dropped them in your show notes.

JOSH: How did I know that was coming?

JILL: Moving on.  Tip #3:  Go freemium and premium.

JOSH: Okay, so what the hell does that mean?

JILL: You know how a lot of people online use high quality free content to get people to opt in to their list?  Well, you can simply drop affiliate links into those opt in offers and make that into money.

JOSH: Okay, so on that note, you could also add your affiliate links into your paid or premium products as well and sort of make even more money out of it.

JILL: Hell, yes and the best part is, is you’re not even doing anything extra other than applying for a few affiliate programs and dropping in the links.

JOSH: Sweet ass!  All right, three ways to make even more money with your website without breaking a sweat.  I dig it.

JILL: Now we want to hear from you.  Tell us, which of these three strategies are you going to implement into your site starting today?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and if you’re looking for even more great free resources, head on over to screwtheninetofive.com/escape and sign up for your free seven-day escape plan.

JOSH: And remember, don’t settle.  Screw the nine to five.

JILL: Thank you so much for watching and we’ll catch you next week.  Bang check.

JOSH: Bang checks looks… no.  It’s stuck to your head I think.

JILL: Yeah, I’m freaking sweaty.

JOSH: Sweaty it’s stuck to your head.

JILL: Bang check.

JOSH: Looks fine.

JILL: I’m just going to have a blooper roll of bang checks.

JOSH: You should.  Yeah, that’s good now.

JILL: That was a good bang check.  I’m proud of you.[/spoiler]

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0.20 – Learn how you can cash in some extra coin on your already existing website!
0.49 – The first step to making money off the products you're already using
1.26 – You're gonna want to pop your aff links here
1.52 – The two options you'll defs want to give if you want to give your audience more incentive to use your affiliate links

 A Little Bit About this Episode:

When Josh and I first got started online—we're talking pre-Screw days, here—we made all our dolla dolla billz by creating simple affiliate sites.

Or in more basic terms, we were creating a bunch of product review sites, which would then make money when people (who were searching for info on those particular products) clicked our links and bought the product—which is basically what we teach inside Lifestyle Affiliate!

BUT that's not what we're talking about today.

Did you know you could make even more sales by pimping out the products you already love and use on your already-existing site?

Oh yeah baby, you sure can.

There are a few super simple strategies you can employ to start getting your audience clicking on affiliate links that will help boost your bank.

And to be even more specific, there are 3 easy-to-implement strategies we live and die by.

Wanna know what they are? Well then you know what to do! Click Play on the video above and start making extra cash without breaking a sweat!

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