Why Membership Sites In The Future Could Be Bigger Than You Think With Stu Mclaren

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Stu Mclaren Membership Sites

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"How To Think Like A Millionaire"
July 25-29

Membership sites.

They've been around for over a decade, but only now are we starting to see an uptick in the number of businesses adopting them as a strategy.

In this episode, we interviewed Stu “The Membership Guy” McLaren (founder of Tribe) on what he thinks the future holds when it comes to membership sites.

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Resources Mentioned

The Big 3!

  1. Recurring revenue creates stability in business
  2. You're not selling content, you're selling connection
  3. People don't keep paying because they're happy, but because they are getting results

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Free 5-Day Challenge: "How To Think Like A Millionaire"

(challenge going down July 25-29)