[EP 26] How to Communicate When Money is Tight | Screw The Nine To Five

[EP 26] How to Communicate When Money is Tight

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Today we're going to get a little D&M (that's short for deep and meaningful, my friend!) and talk about a topic that makes most people feel a litttttttle bit uncomfortable.


There is no doubt in my mind that you have experienced the tension that comes when money is tight. Like a full moon, sh*t gets a little upside-down when your financial cushion starts slipping away.

Now, when Josh and I got started in business we were lucky enough to have a decent sized cushion, but it turns out that running your business can cost quite a bit in the early stages. Within our first 12 months we had blown through that cash and boy did things start getting tense up in the Stanton household.

Thankfully are more flush than hobo these days, but from this experience we have learned some massively valuable lessons when it comes to communicating about money in a healthy, mature manner that avoids the possibility of lingering resentment.

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Words of Wisdom in This Week’s Podcast:

  • How to approach the money conversation with a cool, calm, collected head
  • The ultimate software apps you can use to keep track of your finances (hot tip: it helps when tax season rolls around too!)
  • What are your priorities? Here are a few reasons you need to keep them in check
  • Show us your tiiiippppssss tip of the day



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