Our Go-To List of Online Business Tools You Need To Get Started Or Go To The Next Level

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Peep this: Nearly every week we are asked about the different tools and resources we simply cannot function without.

And since there are ohhhhh 629 online business tools (rough estimate!) we use on an on-going basis, we thought it would be easiest—and most helpful for you!—to create a mammoth list of all the tools, apps, software, and resources we cannot live without.

(We even included a few of our own wildly-helpful resources we think you might love!)

So with that being said…behold! The list of tools to end all lists of tools!

We hope they help you on your journey to taking that 9-to-5 of yours and screwing it.

Let's dive in…

Website Hosting

What do we use?

Siteground, baby!

It’s the hosting we use for each and every website we have, including our other business outside of The Screw.

Their hosting is reliable, their customer support is great and they don’t cost an arm and a leg!

And dude, it’s $5.95/month and you get free backups with it.

No brainer.

Check ‘em out here!

Domain Names

Simple answer? We use Siteground for this as well!

After all, why make it complicated (and have to change nameservers) if you don’t have to?

You can buy your URL through siteground.com for $14.95 per year and be done with it.

Quick and easy.

Just how we like it *wink*

Take a spin through their site!

Website Themes

When it comes to prettying up a website and making it your own, we looooove us some Divi!

It’s stupid-easy to customize, plus their customer support is ah-maze-ing and we’re big fans of the drag-and-drop features.

Craving a straight-forward website theme that isn’t a real b**ch to customize?

Hit this (hard) and get to know Divi!

(Note: If you do choose to use Divi and use the links provided above, we may receive a commission. However, this is no way affects our experience with them and how much we love their stuff!)

Email Marketing

Straight up, we love Convert Kit as an email service provider when you’re first starting to grow your business.

Coined as “the power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp”, we use Convert Kit as our go-to email provider in our second business and love the simplicity of it.

Plus, the basic automation abilities makes it a great fit for any entrepreneur looking for a simplified, straight-forward email service provider!

Add to that the fact that it’s only $29/month up to your first 1,000 subscribers and you’ve got a gem of a tool on your hands.

And I’m not done yet!

You can get a FREE 30 day trial to ConvertKit riiiiiiight here!

Image Design and Creation

When it comes to DIY design, Canva is our go-to tool when it comes to creating fun and funky images with different text overlays and free-to-use image-based backgrounds.

If picture quotes are your jam, you’re going to love Canva!

I also love their different template options, such as Instagram images, personalized cards, Facebook ads, PDF templates and just about any social media cover photo you could ever want!

Creep it here!

Now that you’ve got the foundations of your business built, it’s time to grow that baby!

Here are some of our can’t-live-without tools we’ve used (and still do use) to spread the word on The Screw and grow our business beyond our wildest dreams!

Building an Audience and a Movement

If there is one thing we know to be sure it’s that if you can build an audience of believers around your brand, you can build a movement.

I mean, just look at Screw the Nine to Five for example!

It’s a movement helping employees transition into entrepreneurs and we have a loyal community of thousands of Scroupies, each chasing a similar dream.

But how do you even start building an audience that turns into a movement?

For this we loooooove us this free book, Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson (creator of ClickFunnels)!

Inside he breaks down the steps to creating a CULT-ure around your brand people can’t resist.

And since he’s a walking, talking example of this, I figured you might find it hella-useful!

You can grab the free book here…just pay shipping & handling and he’ll send you out a physical copy of the book to highlight, mark up and make all the notes in!


We got back into the podcasting game after a nearly 2 year long hiatus and since then have been using PodBean as our audio hosting platform.

So far they’ve been perfectly reliable, their support has been helpful and it was a breeze getting our channel set up, tricked out and published!

Thinking of starting a podcast for your business?

Make it easy on yourself and check out PodBean!

Livestreaming and Webinar Software

Hands down is there is ONE person we trust to learn allllll about webinars, it's Amy Porterfield.

I mean, not only has she hosted hundreds of her own webinars, but she's generated millions (in profit) from them!

Plus, I've seen her in action first-hand and I'm telling ya', this woman knows her ish!

She's got a FREE training you can dive into right here that will help you outline your first 5-Figure Webinar, if you're ready to add them into your marketing and sales arsenal!

And something tells me you'll be furiously taking notes throughout the whole thing because it is jam-packed with tactical info you can use straight away! *high five*

And while we're on the subject of webinars…

You know what’s been a clutch live video software that we’ve depended on for the last year and a bit?


And more specifically Zoom Webinars.

Not only do we use it for webinars…

We use it for FB Live Broadcasts.

We use it for our monthly live coaching calls inside our exclusive membership community, Screw U.

Hell, we use it for interviews during our launches and promotions.

I mean, we use Zoom for damn near every single thing we do for video outside of our Podcast.

Marketing Automation & Sales Funnel Creation

This one is the easiest recommendation I could possibly ever give because when it comes to all things sales funnels and marketing automation, we live and die by ClickFunnels.

From our opt-in pages to our sales pages, webinar registration pages to digital course membership portals, we have been using ClickFunnels for damn near everything since 2015.

And we know how wildly helpful it can be in your business when used right!

(New to the world of sales funnels and aren’t sure what the eff they are all about and why you need them? Snatch up a free copy of this book and let Russell break it all down for you!)

If the thought of sell, sell, sell…and then selling some more makes you want to break out in hives, and you’d rather automate the whole damn process, take a spin through this page and check out everything ClickFunnels can help you do!

Online Course Creation

While we use ClickFunnels for all our one-off course membership portals, we use (and are obsessed with, btw) Thinkific for our membership portal inside Screw U!

That means we house every single digital course, live call replay, strategy session, PDF and downloadable inside one platform, powered by Thinkific.

Not only is it sooo-oooohhhh easy to use and customize, but their customer support is hands-down the best we’ve ever dealt with.

The Thinkific team is always there to help and they truly care about their members, which we absolutely love!

Bonus: You don’t have to pay for video hosting as you can host everything inside Thinkific without any extra fees.

*fist pump*

Wanna check ‘em out?

Tap it like you mean it!

PHEW! That was a LOT!

I’ll continue to add onto this list as we expand our business and tools roster, but for now take a spin through those tools and hit us up over here if you have any Qs!

Reminder: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means if you choose to purchase something we may receive a commission (thank you, btw! *smooch* ). However that in no way influences our recommendations of these different tools, products, books and programs 🙂 



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