[Ep 50] Analysis Paralysis: How To Stop Overthinking And Take Action Today!

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Be honest with me for a sec…

Have you ever wanted something so bad you have found yourself over-thinking it and killing it with incessant analyzing?

Whether it's in your personal life, your day job, your friendship group, your love life or your decision to start an online business, analyzing something to death only does one thing for us…

It stops us dead in our tracks and paralyzes us with stress and self-doubt to the point that we find ourselves unable to move forward.

Have you ever felt that way?

I know I have definitely been there.

And it wasn't until it was pointed out to me *cough* many MANY times that I decided I needed to do something about  it.

Well, that was back in my late 20's and I am STILL trying to hone my anti-perfectionist skills.

The struggle is real, y'all!

Which is why we wanted to share some of the strategies we've put into play in our business to help us to keep moving forward…regardless of whether something is perfect or not.

Ready to choose something legit and commit…to it?

Sorry. I had to try and rhyme there.

Well then just click play on our fancy little podcast player and learn how to stop overthinking and just take some freakin' action!

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • Learn how to identify and focus your strengths to know what you're really good at and take action.
  • How to choose something legit to should focus on, and then commit to getting it done.
  • How to avoid ‘shiny object syndrome.' and avoid starting over every time you find new information.
  • The best way to ‘push past perfection.' and move forward toward your goals.
  • How you can incorporate SCRUM into your business to get over that hump of over-analyzing
  • Learn a proven framework to beat analysis paralysis and start getting more done in your business right now.


  • Learn how to use the SCRUM Method here!
  • Check out Trello – a free project management tool that unifies the theory of Scrum in combination with a virtual team.
  • Take a Strengthsfinder Test – We LOVE Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Test
  • Learn how we used the Fascination Test to discover our strengths in Episode 40 – How to Discover and Own Your Strengths
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Want to turn your knowledge and experience into a profitable online course? 

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