How Kaylyn Parker Screwed Her 9-to-5 in Mortgage Sales and Became an In-Demand Social Media Manager

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how to start a business online

Free 5-Day Challenge

"How To Think Like A Millionaire"
July 25-29

Confession: We have an inappropriate amount of love for the Scroupies (in case you couldn't tell) and absolutely l.o.v.e shining a spotlight on them and all the cool things they're making happen in their business.

Which is why we're kicking off a monthly Scroupie Spotlight on the podcast featuring some seriously rad entrepreneurs from inside Screw U!

Because straight up? We have some smart AF members and it's about time you got to know (and learn from) 'em.

And we're gonna kick it all of with Kaylyn Parker!

She screwed her 9-to-5 in mortgage sales last year after going all-in on her social media management business and in this episode she's sharing how she did it.

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • {1:45} How Kaylyn evolved from med school to mortgage sales to starting a business
  • {6:00} Why she quit her job on a whim
  • {6:45} Starting a business online…even if you don't have a passion
  • {8:20} The biggest thing Kaylyn focused on to get her business off the ground
  • {10:00} How to network online when you're an introvert
  • {13:15} Kaylyn's biggest fuckup in her business and what she learned from it
  • {15:40} The biggest mistake Kaylyn sees new entrepreneurs making online
  • {18:20} Jill's biggest lesson from 2017
  • {19:50} Kaylyn's advice to someone who has made their first sale and wants more

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:


Free 5-Day Challenge: "How To Think Like A Millionaire"

(challenge going down July 25-29)