3 Ways to Balance Your Business, Family and Relationship So You Can Have it All with Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles

Tell me the truth: Do you feel like you “have it all” in your life?

If I'm being honest, for years I struggled to believe I could.

I mean, I had friends who did, but when it came to ME having it all I would always think to myself “nah, maybe one day”.

Oooof! Such destructive thinking.

Fast-forward to today and I truly feel like I finally “have it all”.

What’s more is I didn’t make any monumental changes in my life.

We didn’t all of a sudden come into a huge windfall of cash.

We just made one simple change.

We changed our thinking and perspective around “having it all”.

And then we connected with Alexi Panos (and then her hubby, Preston Smiles) and realized they are a couple who really do have it all.

So we brought them onto the show this week to dish on what it REALLY looks like to balance 2 wildly successful businesses, their marriage and a newborn and how you can do this in your life!

Ready to dive in?

Scroll on up and hit that sexy little play button.

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Why a daily ritual (outside of your to-do list) is crucial for finding flow in your life
  • The power of staying intentional in your business and life
  • Why trying to do it all yourself is detrimental to the expansion of your life
  • How paramount asking for (and being open to receiving) support is
  • What does “playing team” mean and how can you apply this to your life
  • Why you should be prioritizing your relationship above all else

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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