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Review The Screw

See how you can review the Screw The Nine To Five podcast in less than 2 minutes. PLUS, how to get your name and brand shouted out by us on a future episode!

How To Review The Screw

Step 1: On an iOS device, open iTunes.

NOTE: You can’t leave an iTunes review via the iTunes website (itunes.apple.com); iTunes app only.

Step 2: Make sure ‘Podcasts’ is selected from the dropdown menu in the top left corner (shown below)

Step 3: Search for “Screw The Nine To Five” and select our podcast (shown below)

Step 4: Open up the Screw The Nine To Five Podcast and click on Ratings & Reviews”, then “Write a Review”.

Final step: Take a screenshot of your review on iTunes so you can upload it using the form below.

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