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Pipe down? Us? Never.

In fact, we have a podcast so that we can spew our pure gold as often as we
like. Get business, money, and entrepreneurial tips with plenty of laughs from
us and our incredible guests.

FEATURED Episodes:


Is Growing Your Email List Killing Your Business?


How To Think About Money To Make More Of It


Can You Replace Your Income In The First 12 Months Of Business?


Five Failures That Made Us Millions


If We Were Starting All Over Again With No Audience Or Revenue, We Would Do These 3 Things

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Straight Talk!

These two are the real deal and bring the honest feedback and the kick in the pants I need week after week. Their passion is contagious and leaves me on fire after every episode!! Thanks all!

The fools In Love from the United States

Oh my god, Jill and Josh are the best in telling it how it is, making you take a good look at yourself and your actions, and inspiriring you to be your absolute best, while rememering why you're doing it. Love it!

Maya Fountain from Israel

Kick in the Pants
Don’t listen if you want to be comfortable and sit in one place. Screw the 9 to 5 will stretch you to think in ways you’ve never thought and to jump miles out of your comfort zone.

Cincy BusyMom from the United States

This is the podcast for any entrepreneur
Wow! I wish I found this podcast sooner! This is the podcast to listen to if you are in any stages of starting your own business. The energy and joy they bring is so fun and encouraging. Screw the 9 to 5 is definitely one of my favorites!

ashleysmith_vt from the United States


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Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs + Reprogramming Your Mind For Success with Dr. Nicole LePera

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Feel Like Giving Up? Listen To This Before You Do

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Jill Stanton March 24, 2021

Uncommon Success with John Lee Dumas

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