[EP 85] Jordan Harbinger Answers: How Do You Connect with People You Look Up To if You're Shy? | Screw The Nine To Five
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[EP 85] Jordan Harbinger Answers: How Do You Connect with People You Look Up To if You’re Shy?

Josh Stanton Posted June 12, 2015

You know that feeling you get when you are itching to connect with someone you respect or look up to in your industry?

But when it comes to actually making the connection…you freeze?

You stumble over your words…

You sweat…

And you can't for the life of you think of anything remotely cool to say?

Yeah, that.

What's more is this doesn't just happen to “shy” people, I've sooooooo been there.

In fact, in April I met this dude who I had a HUGE strategy crush on (in a totally-platonic-and-PG way, Josh) for years…

And I found myself racking my brain for “the right thing” to say.

How should I strike up a convo with him?

What questions should I ask?

Should I go pure small-talk or should I let him know I follow him online?

I was straight up freaking out on the inside.

So when Jason sent through a Q asking how to approach people he respects in his industry (especially when he's a shy dude) I knew we had to get Mr. Charm himself, Jordan Harbinger back on the show to A it.

If you've ever felt too shy to approach someone, or battled with a lack of confidence and insecurities, this episode is soooooo your jam.

So give ‘er a listen, will ya?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • How to connect with people “above” you, even if you’re shy.
  • What’s #1 reason you’re afraid to connect with entrepreneurs you respect?
  • Why approaching people with the right intention is absolutely key.
  • Three different types of approaches, and which is best!
  • Can you become a connector even if you’re shy?
  • The importance of doing your homework.
  • Why you need to also network “down”.

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