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Have you ever wanted to build a community…a MOVEMENT…around your dream business?

And more so, do you struggle to figure out exactly HOW to do that? 

I mean, so many people make it look easy online, but when it comes down to it, how do you actually attract the right people and build a loyal relationship with them?

Well, to answer that we brought Kate Erickson from EntrepreneurOnFire.com back on the show to share her biggest community-building lessons.

After all, EoFire has a seriously hardcore following (hello, Fire Nation!) which has been building for nearly 3 years now.

So what did Kate and John do to build this rabid following?

Why don't you click the play button at the top of the page, download this in iTunes or listen on Stitcher and find out for yourself!

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • Kate's biggest community-building goal-setting tips
  • The power of conversation when it comes to building raving fans
  • The KLT factor and why it's SO important
  • Why consistency is crucial when it comes to community-building
  • How attending live events helped John and Kate build a rabid audience
  • Why you should consider hosting a meetup



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