[EP 48] The Best Productivity Hack: How To Get A LOT Done In Less Time

Well well well…

Look who decided to show up again around these parts!

*pssst* It's us…just in case the sarcasm was lost over the interwebs.

Yes, we've been a tad MIA this past month…and we sort of fell off the radar.

But, we have a really good reason…

Because for the past month we have been drowning!

Drowning in work and projects and priorities and conferences and masterminds and finding a place to live…so it's been a bit full-on over here at Chez Stanton.

And if I'm being honest, because we had such much going on we had to take a step back from the podcast to allow ourselves to catch up and get our heads above water again.

The good news?


And what's more is we stumbled upon quite possibly the greatest productivity hack on the damn planet while trying to power through and get an almost-impossible amount of work completed in an impossibly short amount of time.

So we thought we would share the time management love with you and help YOU get more done than you ever thought you could get done in a short amount of time.

Ready to put your productivity into over-drive and smash a bunch of projects?

You know what to do…

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • Learn how we used the SCRUM method to complete an insane amount of work in a really short amount of time
  • We'll show you how to use the SCRUM method in your own life
  • Learn how to use project-based ‘sprints' to skyrocket your productivity
  • Why it's SO  important to focus on ONE project at a time!
  • How to use pre-meetings to choose, prioritize, and plan projects and actions
  • How to use post-meetings to review and improve your process
  • Learn why you need daily SCRUM meetings to smash your project's to-do list!

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Thanks for being here.

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