[EP 49] 3 Reasons Why You Need To Attend An Event If You Want To Succeed Online

When you're first starting out and dipping your toes in the webpreneurial waters it can be downright difficult to know where you should be focusing your efforts.

Should you blog?

Start a podcast?

Get social and start “networking”? *gag*

Pitch for guest posts?

Participate in telesummits?

Oh, wait, I know! Host live webinars! Because…money!

It's never-ending and if we're being honest here, it can leave you feeling, well, a little overwhelmed.


Because here's the thing…

When we're first starting out we don't want to waste our time on what MIGHT work.

We just want to focus on what DOES work.

Lawwwd do I know how that feels.

In fact, for the first 2 years or so of our business I felt like Josh and I bounced around from idea to idea, trying almost anything someone told us we should try.

Because we didn't really know better…and we just wanted something to click.

Fast forward a few years and I feel like we have gotten crystal clear on what works best for us right now.

The top 3?

Podcasting, webinars and live events.

Especially live events.

Not just because we've been able to meet some amazing friends, but because we've learned SO much as a result of putting ourselves out there, forking over the cash and showing up in “student mode” to try and take in as much as we possibly can.

In fact, in the last year alone we've hit 7 events, and what's happened as a result of them has been truly earth-shattering for our business and our own personal development.

Think live events are an unnecessary expense?

Think again!

And then click the play button at the top of the page and let us breakdown our 3 reasons why you NEED to attend a live event if you want to succeed in this game we call online entrepreneurship.

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • How to use live events to zap entrepreneurial loneliness (which is a real thing by the way).
  • What you're guaranteed to get out of each live event.
  • Why relationships are everything in business.
  • How to form solid relationships at live events that will help you succeed in business.
  • The ONE tip that will help to ease feelings of overwhelm when figuring out how to “network” at events.
  • How to use your networking abilities at live events to leverage the success of other people just like you.

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6 thoughts on “[EP 49] 3 Reasons Why You Need To Attend An Event If You Want To Succeed Online”

  1. I’ve met SOOOO many of my best business friends at live events and you’re so right — it’s key to success in business!

  2. That’s why I so dig attending the right events, with the right people and running my own to create the type of experiences where you learn a ton AND create lasting friendships and relationships

  3. I used to attend so many conferences and events when i was in my job, they were related to my job and i loved meeting new people and networking. Now that i am in the online business sphere i have been doing the same, i truly believe networking and putting yourself out there is brilliant in any field that you are in not just in online entrepreneurship. I’m a natural extrovert! haha but people who are slightly apprehensive, or introverts can start slowly by taking it a step at a time, start with one small event and make an effort to speak to at least 1-2 people, then move on to a bigger event etc. Slowly you will get used to it and it’ll become second nature. You will gain soooo much, and create some awesome relationships on the way.

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